Miley stopped writing and sipped her coke. She looked out the window. Today Miley and her friends were supposed to go to Downtown, Toronto and do some shopping.

She wanted to go, but she was grounded.

"I love the way you lie" by Eminem feat Rhianna, her iPhone's ringtone. It was her best friend, Ann.

"Hey where are you Miley?"

"I'm grounded I told you that like, hmmm... let me guess like 10 times since morning" Then when she had realised she sounded more annoyed than she actually meant she said. "Look I'm sorry I didn't mean to be so mean".

"It's okay I guess I did ask you a lot of times".

"It's okay, anyways so what are you guys dong right now?" Miley asked.

"Not much, OMG Sally just spilled her coke on Eliza"

"Shut up" She said sarcastically.

"No really oh my now their having a cat fight"

"Awww I really wanted to see that!!" Miley whined. "I know video tape it and send it me. BYE!!!"

She shut the phone before Ann answered.

Miley was movie star beautiful, Barbie beautiful. Her violet eyes were neither blue nor purple. Her hair was deep red, not that horrid carrot top or orange red or that washed out blonde but a glossy auburn that fell in heavy waves well past her shoulders. Her face was an almost perfect heart and it had that kind of flawless creaminess that you see on TV. She had on white fringed dress that had a cute beaded heart on it.

The day slowly passed and the sun was setting slowly and as it did Miley started feeling sleepy...

"Princess are you awake"

A strange voice called out for her, it was a guy's voice. The darkness was slowly turning into blurry spots. She opened her eyes slowly and looked for who had called her.

"Good you're awake"


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