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Y/n = Your Name
H/c = Hair Color
E/c = Eye Color
S/t = Skin Tone

Y/n's POV (Six Years Old)

"I'm going to go play over there!" I say loud enough for my Mom to hear.
She doesn't answer, but I assume she just doesn't feel like responding.
With that I run down the large tunnel that is my home. As I'm running I see a patch of light on the ground.
The strange light seems to be coming from above me.
Looking up, I see weird metal looking bars and things passing over the light source.
"What is that?" I whisper to myself, fascinated.
Now the only thing on my mind is how to get up there.
I begin to scan the room to see if there is a way to climb up there.
Just to my luck, there are yellow metal bars on the wall that lead right up to where the light is coming from.
Excitedly, I dash to the yellow bars and start to climb them.

"Y/n?" My Mom's voice bounces off the walls.
I stop dead in my tracks.
I'm half way there.
I start to climb again in a quick fashion.
"Y/n?" Her voice sounds closer and a bit concerned.
Almost there!
My small hand takes hold of the last yellow bar.
"Y/n?! What are you doing?!!?" My mom's voice being directly under me scares me half to death, causing me to scream and let go of the yellow bars.
I hear my mom shreak as I fall and my body collides with the very damp concrete floor.
"Honey! Are you okay?!" She asks, running to my side.
"I'm fine." I groan and move into a seated position.
"Thank the heavens!" She hugs me tightly.
After a moment of her squeezing me to death she finally let's go, but she has a angered expression.
"Don't ever do that again!" She yells.
"Do what?" I ask confused.
"Try climbing up there," She tells me. "It's super dangerous."
My gaze travels up to the now covered space where the light was coming from.
"What's up there?" I ask.
"Dangerous monsters." I frown.
"They're really mean and if they saw you they would eat you!"
Her explanation of the creatures that live up there frightens me.
"But I'm not food!"
My mom laughs.
"To them you are."
Scared, I try to hide myself by putting my hands in front of my face.
"Don't worry," Mom's voice is soft and gentle. "As long as you don't go up there they can't hurt you."
I nod.
"I won't go up there." I promise.
"Good." She smiles and gets up off the ground.
"Now let's get home."
Mom takes my hand and helps me off the ground. Dusting off my clothes, we begin to walk back home.

What exactly is up there?

Dark's POV (Eleven Years Old)

"Dad?" I shyly knock on my father's office door.
"What do you want son." He asks through the door.
"There is a man at the door for you." I tell him.
"Send the man in here." I nod even though he can't see me and walk away.
When I get back to the front door I see the man just standing there.
"He said to go into his office." The man nods and just walks into my house like he's been here a million times before.
With a sigh I walk down the opposite hall and into the bathroom. My eyes go directly to the mirror. My black eyes with speckles of brown where iris' would be stare back at me.
"Why do I look different?" I ask myself.
"Dad doesn't have these ugly eyes." I say.
"His are all black and have red when he's angry. Why don't I?"
My history teacher says the way my eyes are structured, it looks like I'm one of the races from a long time ago. He said I look slightly Asian, whatever that means. My dad doesn't seem to like it. Something about me looking too much like my mother. I'll never understand it.
I've never met her, so how can I know if I look like her?
As I sigh again my hands brush through my hair.

*knock knock*

I turn to the bathroom door.
"You almost done?" It's the man from before.
"Yeah." I reply, flushing the toilet and opening the door.
"Thanks kid." He ruffles my hair and hurries in.
When he closes the door I angrily fix my hair.
Stupid adults.
I make my way down the hall again and enter my darkly colored room.
"Dark." I slightly chuckle to myself.
My name is suppose to rhyme with an old human name, I don't exactly know why.

"Hey Dark!" A cloud of green smoke fills my room causing me to cough.
"You need to work on that." I tell my friend that just randomly appeared.
"At least I'm actually trying to learn my magic." He pouts.
"Hey! I'm trying." I try and defend myself.
"Doing it every once in a while isn't practicing." He tells me.
"And I'm still better than you." I proudly announce.
"Prove it!" The boy challenges me.
"I will."
I move to the center of the room and close my eyes. I feel a cloud of smoke drift around my body and it feels like I'm floating for a split second. Then the smoke disappears. When my eyes open I'm on the far side of the room.
"No fair!" The boys pouts.
"Mad cause your smoke pretty much kills people?" I taunt.
"How can you get it on your first try?!" His voice went from pouty to amazed.
"I've tried once or twice before. It's actually really easy." I tell him.
"Or it's because your the son of a very important and magic talented guard." He mumbles.
"I'm nothing like him." I protest.
"Yeah, sure you aren't." He laughs.
"Whatever, just leave before he hears you talking and comes in here." I jump onto my bed.
"Alright. See ya' Dark."
A cloud of green starts to envelop him.
"Bye Anti." I cough as the brown haired boy disappears.

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