"Sure, I hope they do look like mode-"  I bumped into someone again making all my books and papers inside the books falling. I landed on a hard chest making sure I fell on top of him. I quickly got up wincing in pain.

"Ouch, my head hurts," grabbing my books and papers while holding my head.

"I am so sorry," picking up the books and papers.

"No it was my fau-," I stopped because he was WOW. Ciara whispered next to me, "that's Aiden Knight, your 'knight in shinning armor'" she said jokingly.

Chapter3- Holy Freaking Macaroni!

Heather's P.O.V.

Ciara whispered next to me, "That's Aiden Knight, your 'knight in shinning armor'" she said jokingly.I shushed her quickly before he could hear anything.

"Here let me help you," reaching his hand to grab me. I got his hand and stood up.

"Thanks," I mumbled.

"Introduce yourself." Ciara mumbled, nudging my elbow.

"I'm Heather Maddison. And you are?"

"Sorry, I'm Aiden Knight, your 'knight in shinning armor." he joked.

I giggled and wait- I giggled? I never giggled to anyone before. Weird. I dropped my smile and cleared my throat.

"Yo Aiden come on! We have to look for-" The guy yelled running in the hallway.

"This ladies is Zach Hartford." Aiden introducing Zach. He nodded at us and smiled. He looked at Ciara and she blushed.

So these are the two guys who look like models. I studied both of them. Ciara was right, she had all the details right espeacially their abs-yum, I mean gross! I shook my head clearing everything in my mind. Both men were hot, but Aiden is way HOTTER! What am I thinking?

"Heather! Snap out of it!" Ciara snapping her fingers infront of my face.

"Huh?" I looked at her, confused.

"You've been staring at Aiden and Zach for a really long time. Right guys?" she asked. I didn't know they were still here. Both guys nodded and my face became red as a tomato.

"Anyway guys, we have to go. Lets eat together during lunch!" Did Ciara just invited them? She smirked at me and I glared at her.

"Sure! See you ladies later." Aiden and Zach waved.

"Aiden is so hot!" she exclaimed.

"But?" I know she's going to say but.

"But Zach is hotter!"

Lets think about that.

Aiden's P.OV.

All I could say was damn.

Most Beautiful Girl I've Seen.

She was perfect. Long natural bruntette hair, astonishing blue eyes, long legs, perfect cheekbones, her perfect curves can fit in any places. She's perfect for me. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

"Wow dude, she's hot. Also her friend Ciara." he complimented.

"Yeah she is." wondering if she already lost her-

"Did you know she still has her V-card?" Zach interrupted. Wait what?

"She still has it?" questioning him.

"Yep. Actually, all boys want to bang her, but she's too damn difficult." So all the boys here wanted her? Wow, must have been hard for them.

"How about her other friend? Ciara?" asking him if she still has hers or not.

"Both of them still have it."

"Do YOU like to bang both of them?" I looked at him.

"Maybe Ciara because I have this feeling we will be together."

Does he want to bang Heather? I shook my head and looked at my right.

"Do YOU want to bang Heather?" I closed my fists and looked at him.

"Yes because she's smoking hot, but she's too innocent. I don't want to hurt her thought and plus, I have this feeling you two will be together." he answered me walking away.

Something is not right. He predicted that Heather and I will be together. Does he want me to learn how to love? Holy freaking macaroni, he does!


Holy Freaking Macaroni! This is chapter 3!

Anyways, BYE!

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