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             Taylor's pov;
I walked into class to see jordan talking to Tracy I seen Tracy playful hitting jordan arm as she giggled. My heart broke into a million pieces as I just stood there and watched; Tracy Noticed I was standing right there. Her face went to embarrassed and gloomy I wiped a falling tear and ran out the classroom down the hall into the bathroom; I Went Inside the stall slamming the door behind me and locking it. I slide down the wall with tears falling from my face and anger inside my heart; I punched the stall wall causing it to dent up. Gosh I'm so stupid to think somebody will ever care about me! I screamed out sobbing I grabbed my hair as I rocked back and forth. I heard the main bathroom door open and close; I quietly cried because I didn't want nobody to hear me "Taylor, somebody said I ignored them until I noticed it was Tracy voice. My fist balled up as she continued to walk closer to my stall "Taylor please I know your in here, Tracy said "just please go leave me alone, I said "no Taylor you know I can't do that, Tracy said "why can't you? You just broke my heart into a million pieces after I just opened to you!, I said "I know Taylor and I'm so sorry jordan started it first I promise, Tracy said "yeah everybody's sorry and promise me something but alway break it!, I snapped "I'm not like those other people please just come out here, Tracy begged "how can I believe you Tracy, I said "because because I think I like you, Tracy said. My fist became soft and my heart started to heal again after she said that; I sat there quiet for a second until she knocked on the stall door. "Taylor, Tracy said "what, I said "open up, Tracy said

i got off the floor and slowly unlocked the door opening it revealing Tracy with dried up tears on her cheeks. It was like looking at myself I seen the hurt in her eyes; I just brung her into a hug. She buried her face into my shoulder resting her hands on my back as i rubbed hers; I felt tears dropping off my cheek onto her head. "It's gonna be okay, I said "how can it be, Tracy sniffled "because I'm here for you, I said "you right, Tracy said. Tracy lifted her head looking up at me; I looked down to see her eyes red and puffy. I put my finger under her chin bringing her face closer to mines and pecked her lips; I let her go and left out the bathroom leaving her there in shock. I started to head down the hall until I felt somebody touch me; I turned around and seen it was Jessica "hey where you heading to, jessica asked "oh i guess to my next bell since the bell finna ring, I said "that's cool wanna hangout after school, Jessica asked "ummm I don't know I'll let you know, I said "Ight let me know, Jessica said. She kissed my cheek and walked back the other way; I rubbed my hands down my face sighing. Why do all these girls want me?

I went upstairs to my last bell. I walked inside the class going down to my seat; I sat down next to another student and pulled out my notebook. "Okay class today is a free day, the teacher said "Mr cooper, I said "yes Taylor, mr cooper said "do I have any missing work, I asked "no not at all, mr cooper said "alright, I said. I felt a nudge on my arm I looked over and seen it was a girl who I think is gay?? I clear my throat before speaking "yes, I said "you jordan sister, she asked "yes I'm her twin, i Said "I'm Amber Jordan's friend, Amber said "nice to meet you, I smiled. Damn her body is nice and her curves is something just to die for I thought to myself; I started to bit on my lip as I was still examining her body. Gosh I just wanted to rub my hands on her body! Amber snapped her fingers in my face getting me out my daze. "Lol you zoned out for a second, Amber said "oh yeah I'm sorry I tend to do that a lot, I said "it's okay would you like to hangout later, Amber asked "yeah sure, I said "okay here's my number and address, Amber said handing me a piece of paper "Okay, I smiled. I put the piece of paper in my pocket and continued talking with Amber until the bell rung cutting me off "Ight see you later, Amber said.

She pecked my cheeks and walked off into the crowd with everybody else; I held onto my cheek smiling as I walked down to my locker. I twisted in my combo until Tracy approached next to me "hey, Tracy said "hey Trac, I said "what you doinggg, Tracy asked "getting ready to go home, I chuckled "lol I know, Tracy smiled "you coming to school in the morning, I asked "why you wanna see me, Tracy said "maybeee, I smiled "okay then yes but hand me your phone, Tracy said "why, I asked "my number silly, Tracy said "oh yeaahhh, I said. I slowly took my phone out my pocket making sure the piece of paper didn't fall out; I unlocked it handing it to her. She went to my contacts and typed her number in saving it under her name with her emojis; I smiled at the emojis she finished and handed it back to me. "Okay I gotta go now, Tracy said "Ight, I said; she pecked my lips and walked off with her some other girls. I closed my locker and jogged out the school to the bus; I stepped onto the bus and seen less kids but jordan sitting in the back playing on her phone. I sat down in the front and scooted over to make room for others.

Author Message : Mature Audience Only Contains Sexual Contact And Strong Language

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