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So, what's a Wattpad Wednesday? Well, the idea from this has come from Rylan and Nick at Wattpad HQ and the idea behind it is to to get folk writing again, or challenging themselves to do something a little different perhaps. 

Some folk write long stories, some folk short. Some folk do poetry or drabbles, or simply don't write at all. But why not try and do something different, or simply jot down and idea? 

There's no wrong way to get involved in this, it's a movement, an idea if you will and the only thing that can happen is that you write something down. There is no such thing as a bad idea or a bad piece of writing on Wattpad Wednesday. Try it! 

If you've normally done long pieces, try a drabble or a short story or a poem. If you normally write poetry try a piece of non-fiction or keep a Wednesday diary. Just write something down even if it's only a few lines long. 

Make sure you tag whatever you do as #wattpadwednesday so that others can find your stuff. A whole bunch of people at Wattpad HQ are doing this too. Many of them have never written before this or write very rarely, so you're in good company. Some write very well and have no preconceptions at all about what they're trying to do, so it's a free form festival of fantabulously unstructured literary funkiness. 

And we call it Wattpad Wednesday... even Brian's joining in. 

Wake up Brian! Time to mumble something onto the screen. Make time to write, and writing will follow...

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