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13. Kune Kune

Think of this guy as kind of a Japanese Slenderman. Kune kune always appears far away, his white body twisting like one of those inflatable car-dealership-man-balloon-things. (Seriously, does anybody know what those are called?)

Anyway, just because this apparition appears to be trying to beckon you into a new bank branch doesn’t mean he’s harmless. In fact, anyone who sees him up close goes mad. Forever. Not like, “I needed a rest so I went to this really great detox center in New Mexico to chill out for a while.” Like, catatonic, round-the-clock-care-for-the-rest-of-your-life-mad. So if you ever see a white squiggle in the distance in Japan, don’t try to get close to it. Don’t try to mimic its funny dance. Just run.

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