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11. Purple mirror

If you’re over the age of twenty, good news! You won’t be affected by this story at all. But for all you teenagers out there, think carefully about reading on.

A young girl was given a mirror by her mother. The girl loved the mirror and spent much of her time staring at herself in it. The girl was desperate to be beautiful, and she developed an eating disorder trying to maintain her beauty. Every time she looked in the mirror, she looked gorgeous.

After a few years, the girl wanted to redecorate, so she painted the mirror purple. After it was painted, she looked into it and was shocked by her appearance. She was dangerously thin and her hair was limp and stringy. The eating disorder had taken a toll on her appearance, and now the girl could see that she was not maintaining her beauty; she was sabotaging it. Despondent, the girl threw the mirror on the ground, shattering it.

She was making the final arrangements for her coming-of-age party on her 20th birthday when she was in a car accident. She died at the scene, whispering, “Purple mirror…purple mirror…” Her parents searched for the mirror, but never found it.

It is said that if you do not forget the phrase “purple mirror” by your 20th birthday, you too will die a tragic death. So just remember: forget the words “purple mirror.”

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