I woke up surrounded by all my friends. Katie, Lilly, Sara and Bethan. We had just finished 9th grade/year 10 and had a party at my house to celebrate. Most people left after 1:00am but my best friends stayed over. It was a pretty crazy party and everyone got pretty wasted.

I was the first one up, as per ush. We had fallen asleep on the pull out couch in the basement. I rolled out of bed and took a quick look in the TV screen to see that my hair was a mess and my makeup was all smudged. I quickly ran upstairs to wash my face and brush my hair. When I came back down, everyone was up and getting food.

"Throw me a water bottle." I called to Katie. She threw it to me and I caught it, opened it up and took a sip.

"Hey, Tegan." Lilly said, my phone in her hand.

"Yeah?" I asked, walking over to collect my phone.

"You got a DM from James Charles' brother." She announced, getting excited. The others looked over and ran to me. I turned my phone on and there it was; a message from @/ianjd12. I swiped and opened it to see he had replied to a message I had sent a few days ago. I quickly replied and turned my phone off again.  

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