Chapter-34 "into The Woods "

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I was sitting while george led the carriage deep into the forest. The night was getting dark and cold. I hugged myself tightly.

Suddenly george stopped the carriage, then he turned around and said "we're far away from the palace, the guards can't find us now. You should get some rest. Tomorrow will be a hectic day."

He said and I nodded. I opened one of my bag and took out a blanket. I covered myself and tried to sleep. I was just about to doze off when I heard a low growl. It sent shivers down my spine, I whispered
" Hey george, wake up " but he didn't budge.

Again, I heard the same growl it was much nearer now.

I peeked through the window and saw a huge wolf growling angrily. Then I remembered back when I was a human I studied somewhere that wolves and vampires were enemies.

I was scared to death and that was when George woke up.

He asked me "What happened, Aren't you supposed to sleep?"

I pointed towards the window and he looked out.

He looked at me seriously and motioned me to stay quiet. Slowly he took out a shotgun from his duffel bag and creeped towards the door.

Slowly he opened the door and whispered to me

" follow me, and make no noise" I nodded and followed him.
He climbed down the carriage and so did I.

The wolf must've heard our footsteps because it's growls were getting near.

We just stood there still as a statue and slowly the wolf started to come near us, sniffing and analyzing.

It came near to me and sniffed me. A low scream escaped my lips and the wolf suddenly became alert.

George shouted "RUN LISA!"

We ran deep into the woods, being a vampire we had an upper hand in speed. I just couldn't believe how fast I was. In just a few minutes we were in the center of the forest, tall trees were everywhere and made a thick canopy.

The wolf was nowhere to be seen and we both took a breath of relief but then I realized that we had left our carriage along with our luggage far behind, and we didn't had a clue about where we were.

I started panicking but George comforted me, he said

"I think I know the way back to the carriage. But we have to spend the night here, we can't risk going back with the wolf and guards waiting to catch us"

I nodded, but those two words kept ringing in my ears
I think

As much I trusted George, I just couldn't ignore the fact that he wasn't sure about the way back to the carriage. And that scared me.

But I decided not to panic and act maturely. I left the blanket at the carriage in a hurry, and now I was shivering. George saw me shivering and took off his overcoat and covered me. It was warm and comfortable.

I looked at him and he didn't seem to be cold. He was wearing a half sleeve shirt and cargo pants. He sat down and stared at the sky.

I was tired of running so I slept a little.
After a short nap I woke up. My hair was ruffled and dirty as hell.

I looked around but George was nowhere to be seen. I thought he probably wondered to check if the wolf was still there or not.

I didn't knew what time it was. and I was hungry. A sudden pang of thirst hit me hard. And it was unbearable, it felt like someone was hitting a rock hard at my gut.

I fell down to the ground wincing in pain. I couldn't help it, I screamed in agony.

I heard muffling of leaves and I knew that some animal must have heard me but I wasn't in the state to run for my life. I knew that I was immortal and all that shit but I was really scared.

Slowly I opened my eyes and saw a wild dog sniffing me.

Then something happened, I suddenly snapped and pounced on the dog. The poor animal tried to run but I caught it.

I teared open it's gut and ate it's insides. I didn't knew what I was doing or what came onto me.

After I quenched my thirst, it was then I realized what I had done. I was sitting in a pool of blood and was holding an half eaten liver. I felt disgusted and puked everything I ate
And just sat there. I was trying not to notice the fact that my whole body was smeared in blood and a half eaten dog laid in front of me.

Tears started welling up in my eyes. I was becoming a monster and I couldn't even help it.

I wiped away my tears and took George's overcoat off and cleaned up the mess.

I threw the body and the remains of the dog far away and wiped the rest of the blood with some dry leaves.

The place was almost clean now.  I left searching for some source of water.
I spotted a puddle of dirty water a few feet away. I ran towards it and cleaned up my face and my clothes.

The walk from the puddle back to our hiding was purely a walk of guilt. I couldn't forget what I just did. I felt like I wasn't myself anymore, that I was some kind of animal.

When I reached our hiding George was sitting and staring at me.

I sat down and he asked me "Where were you, I was worried sick about you"

I passed him a small and weak smile and replied
"I was just a little thirsty so I went to look for some water"

He nodded and started taking something out of his bag. It was a flask. He passed it to me, when I opened it I saw blood.

He said "you need this to survive"
I nodded and emptied the contents of the flask in one gulp. I was feeling much better and energetic now.


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