The Fine China is Collecting Dust

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Newly sharpened words poured from her mouth --

causing her tongue to bleed.
The truth stayed woven between her teeth --
being held hostage so as not to show how painstakingly weak she was thought of.
Just one time she'd like to hand out the final chop to firewood,
but mama never liked that.
Out of sight --
out of mind
were the words that the company she kept lived by.
Only paraded when the picture clipping was black or white.
I swear she was her best kept secret.
An umbrella on shiny days.
Confined to the spaces she was allowed,
but dammit if it wasn't like northern lights gracing the darkness when she emerged.
The kind of light you want to capture between the rib-cage
and keep for yourself,
but she refused to be the chipped teacup in the back of the cupboard again.


goodnight, everyone. 

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