What's Done in The Dark

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The slow startle swept across her face --
Where there was once familiarity was now graffitied with repulsive aggression.
The realization of her aquarium life began to suffocate her lungs --
and she was struggling even before the hand plunged into possess her.
Clawing her nail-buds away from the skin in an attempt to remain attached to this life.
He became a priest as she wailed confessions, wishing a barrier was standing in the way of his rage --
but there was no room for forgiveness in his closed fists.
Darkness invaded the night and she never realized how bright an unlit evening was until it was fading. He just needed to release --
His pain --
His Fury --
His demons --
Her neck --
but she knew that was impossible.
Through her blurred vision she tries to convey she can revive his calm,
but bulging eyes have a way of deterring anyone's gaze to meet them.
Maybe this time he'll find peace.

"studied subject"

So... I am trying something new. I love reading horror and mystery. The studied subject for this entry is actually a character from a book I am reading. We shall see where this leads. :D 

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