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We are like skin caught in a zipper.
Any skin really.
The imagery of that is almost as bad as the feeling --
And I don't mean where the zipper just rippled over and released --
I mean where when it's looked at --
we can see it's mauled --
and zipper,
and flesh pinched in between waiting to be released.
I mean --
it's uncomfortable to look at
and painful --
I mean --
it's bringing tears to the eyes.
I mean --
that's what we are.
This relationship.
This love.
Flesh caught in a zipper.
And before we can begin to fix whatever is lift to be stitched back together --
we have to get what is remaining out of the groves.
We have to unzip --
and run right back over causing that much more pain --

but you can do it.
I know how much you love to see me hurt.

"studied subjects"

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