Chapter 1

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Sombra ^

What is the definition of 'Normal'? What is the definition of 'Love'? What is the definition for, 'Care' and 'Freedom'?

I don't know either.

All I know is that I'm a freak and I don't deserve love, care, or freedom.

I'm a machine. A doll. Built for destruction. . .

{Sombra's POV}

I watched from the shadows of the forest as the pack had it's annual picnic to celebrate the first day of spring.

Of course I wasn't invited, not that it bothered me. I'm used to it.

I watched as the kids played with pure happiness in their eyes and the teenagers my age hang out in big groups talking, kissing, playing games and eating.

I noticed my 'parents' the
Alpha and Luna smiling brightly at everyone, treating them nicely.

I whimpered. I wanted that.

They will never accept us. The voice inside my head hissed out. I mentally nodded. I know.

I was getting ready to turn around and go back to my 'home' when my eyes connected with someone's.

Terrance Willson, the one person who was actually nice to me.

I blushed as a small smile appeared on his face before he looked around and grabbed something off of his table and walked towards me. I gasped and covered my right blind silver eye with my hair since I didn't want him to see it and looked down.

"Hey, you haven't eaten yet have you?" He whispered, holding out a bag. Judging by the smell I knew it was the barbecue chicken, some corn bread and other snacks.

"Oh no no no, I-I'm fine really." I squeaked out talking a few small steps back.

He laughed. "No need to be shy. Here." He placed the bag on the grass. "Sadly I can't stay here for long, I don't want to get you into any trouble or anything."

"T-thank you." I mumbled.

"Your welcome." He then got up and quickly went back to the group while I took the bag and walked to my home which was a small cave that was covered in moss and looked more like a tiny hill. Despite the small opening it wasn't so hard to get in since I kinda 'glitched' to be inside.

The cave didn't really have much, just a comb, brush, a bag of crystals that I stole, a small bed made up off leaves and moss, and the jewelry that I somehow arrived here with. My 'parents' were going to sell it but I was able to get it back.

I sat on my bed and opened the bag, my mouth watering at the sight of the food. I was about to open my mouth to eat a piece of the corn bread when my pet/familiar, Winter, an arctic fox strutted in. Softly smiling I gave her the other corn bread and half of the barbeque chicken breast before continuing to eat. She yipped happily before eating as well.

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