14: NEWS

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"Will you please just think about it?" Enoch asked pouting as he let her pull him to her bed. His bottom lip stuck out a little further.

"Yes Enoch, why is it so important for you?" She asked sitting criss crossed in front of him. He rolled his eyes, "Because we can't keep hiding it forever Cara."

It was quiet between the two, his eyebrows furrowed and he tried not to smile, "Is that mine?"

"Is what yours?" Alana smiled innocently.

"The sweater," he tugged on the sleeve, "You can't keep stealing my things love."

"It's not stealing," Alana huffed, "We're dating, we co-own."

He bit in his lip softly, "Is that so? I don't remember agreeing to that."

She sat down on the edge of her bed, he moved next to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. He lodged his face in the crook of her neck. His breath making a shiver ran down her spine. She felt tingly at the feeling of his pump lips kissing her neck softly. The kisses were faint but it felt sweet against her skin.

"Enoch," she tried moving away but didn't let her. She giggled lightly at his affection.

"Hm," he hummed pulling her closer, "You smell sweet like honey."

She chuckled at how soft he was being, "thanks."

"You're so pretty," he cupped her face in his hands and pecked her lips, "Mmm I cannot believe you're untested in me."

"Why not?" Her eyebrows furrowed. He stopped kissing her and just looked to the floor.

"I don't know," he shrugged, "It's just... Just forget I said anything."

"Enoch," she nudged his arm, "Why do you say that? Why wouldn't I be interested in you?"

"Because look at you," he huffed, "You're perfect. You're nice, funny, outgoing and let's be honest, I'm mean. I'm boring and I'm just your complete opposite. You deserve to be with someone like you."

Her heart dropped as he put himself down. Slowly, she leaned in to kiss him. His heart skipped a few beats as he leaned further into her. She pulled away slowly and looked him in the eye. His breathing was uneven and he just wanted to pull her closer again.

"We can tell Miss Peregrine."

His face lit up, "Really?" She nodded her head, giggling when he wrapped his arm around her tightly.

"Let's do it right now," he said eagerly, "Come on."


"So what did you two want to discuss?" Miss Peregrine shut the doors to the parlor and sat across from them. They looked at each other, both scared to state the obvious.

"We..." Enoch started but was at a loss for words.

"We are seeing each other," Cara spoke up. Enoch squeezed her hand in his, waiting to see what she'd say. Silence filled the room, the bird just stared at them not saying anything.

"And... for how long?" She asked.

"Not long at all," Enoch said, "A week or two?"

It was quiet again. Worry filled the couple before the bird did the unthinkable. She smiled widely, "It was due to happen. I pay close attention to my children."

"You're not mad?" Alana asked looking at Enoch. She shook her hand, "No, as long as you keep... most things... between yourselves. I'm sure you understand, the younger kids would love to know you're together but they don't need to see everything."

"Right of course," Enoch nodded his head. 

"Run along now," the bird smiled, "I have to start dinner, you can tell the children there."

The two froze, "We have to tell them?"

"Well I'm not the one in the relationship now am I?"


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