Chapter 15

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"Power is poison. Its effect on Presidents has been always tragic, chiefly as an almost indecent excitement at first, and a worse reaction afterwards; but also because no mind is so well balanced as to bear the strain of seizing unlimited force without habit or knowledge of it; and finding it disputed with him by hungry packs of wolves and hounds whose lives depend on snatching the carion."

-- Henry Adams

After breakfast, Selena went to the northern part of campus and went to Dr. Harker's office. Selena couldn't miss her office because it was the smallest building in the area. The meeting about what they have found last night had to wait.

She made her way up the stairs, passing by another student. The raven-haired girl with sunglasses was rather small wearing a black jacket, black button-down shirt with blue jeans and boots. Kind of looked out of place in a setting like this, but who was Selena to judge?

She hiked up the stairs and when inside the building. She decided to take the stairs to work off that big breakfast she had an hour ago. She cursed herself for overeating hash browns and Sunnyside eggs. Unfortunately, they became too addictive for her to say no. Dr. Harker's office was on the fourth floor and three doors to the right. The door was already open, but it would be rude of her to barge in without announcing herself.

Selena knocked on the door three times, "Dr. Harker?"

There was Dr. Harker, reading over a few files. She rose her head to see Selena in the doorway, "Yes, Miss Logan. Please, come in."

Selena indeed lets herself in and took a seat across from Dr. Harker. Her office was indeed rather small. It had a desk, a couple chairs to sit in, wall-to-wall carpet that was rather old, drapes that were recently cleaned, the color scheme of the walls were the odd color of brown, and the floor creaked every time you walked. Apparently, this wasn't an office fit for Dr. Harker's ego. But at least it was hers.

"So, you wanted to see me?" Selena asked.

"I wanted to offer you my extended thanks for covering Dr. Kennedy's class yesterday. He always was a yellow-bellied bastard," Dr. Harker being appreciative.

Selena was taken aback by her behavior, "Excuse me?"

"The monster attacks, Miss Logan, or allegedly. If not most but some of our best instructors and professors are leaving the school. For one reason or another, they chose this excuse to hightail it out of here. Going to greener pastures, if there is such a thing... I refuse to go because I have tenure," Dr. Harker being direct and honest.

"Well, good for you," Selena's tolerance was already waning thin.

Dr. Harker continued her boisterous attitude, "that is why I wanted to speak to you in private. Dixon is on her way out. She is way too soft. She beat me for the position by five votes. It's only a matter of time before they will call every one of us and they will name me the new Dean of the University. When the time comes, would you be interested in being a part of the school full-time?"

Selena already made up her mind the moment Dr. Harker decided to speak. Clearly, the answer was no. But in the meantime, she would humor the heavenly plump blowhard while being coy, "I'll give it some thought."

Dr. Harker got suckered entirely, "That's all I ask. For the time being, we must do some babysitting. Come with me."

Dr. Harker rose from her chair and went to the left side of her office. Apparently, there was another door leading to another facility. Having such access was convenient for Dr. Harker. Selena followed her as they went to a windowless bio-engineering laboratory.

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