Chapter 21

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Today I came home from practice again, I walked to the house and I looked through the window seeing perrie cooking in very short shorts and a cropped tank top, damn I have got a good looking girlfriend I said to myself. I rang the doorbell, I had a key but I just wanted perrie opening the door for me. She opened the door and I grabbed her waist pushing her inside crashing my lips on hers. I closed the door with my foot and pinned her up against the wall. I grabbed her bum and started kissing my neck, I could hear her moan softly. I let go of her. "Welkom home honey" she said. "Hey" I said kissing her cheek. "I thought about going shopping tonight you in?" I asked. "Yeah sure you need something?" She asked. "Yeah I want some new shirts and maybe a new pants" I said looking at my phone.

Me and perrie were in the city I bought some shirts and two pant. We walked past a jewelry shop and perrie stopped. "Look Alex that necklace." "It's cute" I said. "It would match our bracelets" I said referring to our golden matching bracelets. She walked trough. "You don't want it?" "Nehh it's really expensive and I don't really think I want it that bad" she said. "Not want it that bad?" I said laughing. She stopped walking "and what do you mean with that!" "Well every time we walk past this shop you walk slower to take a look at it" I laughed. "Is something wrong with that?" "No absolutely not" I said. "Okay then, would you mind me going in Victoria secret?" She said. "No absolutely not" I said grinning. "Okay relax you don't have to go with me" she said. "Okay but if you buy something I want you the show it at home okay?" I whispered in her ear smirking and winking at her. "Yeah you wish" she said walking off to the store. I walked back to the jewelry shop, perrie and I had our 1 year anniversary was tomorrow and I already bought her a necklace with the date on it from the day we started dating.

"Hello how can I help you" "hey I want that necklace there please" I said pointing at the necklace with a little diamond. "Well choice sir" the man said. I bought it and hid it in one of the bags. I walked to the store we're perrie was hoping she wasn't done yet. She walked out after awhile with a bag in her hands, "hey" she said. "Are you done?" I asked. "Yeah I'm al ready to go home" she said. "Hi may I ask something" a voice said making us turn around. There was a girl standing who looked about 14 years old. "May I have a picture with you?" She asked politely. "Yes of course" perrie said. "Should I take it?" I asked. She nodded and perrie gave her a hug.

We were home and we ate some dinner. We watched some tv. "I feel tired I'm going to bed" perrie said walking over to me giving me a kiss. "Okay well I'm not that tired yet so I'll join you later" I said. She walked upstairs and I grabbed the necklace out of the bag and hid it at the same place as her other present so she wouldn't see it. I let the dogs out in the garden for awhile before also going upstairs. I looked in our bedroom seeing perrie already sleeping looking like a princes. I joint her in bed and kissed her cheek before falling asleep.

The next morning I woke up cuddling next to Alex, my head on his chest. I carefully moved so I didn't wake him and I sat on his chest. I kissed him and starting kissing down his neck, he woke up and smiled. He gave me a kiss. "Happy anniversary babe" I said. "Happy anniversary beautiful" "it's morning I don't look good" I said laughing. "Sorry is there a time you don't look good?" He said making me blush. "Yeah when I'm next to you cause you look way better then I do" I said. "Okay how much I love the fact you just called me absolutely gorgeous doesn't mean you have to lie to me" Alex said. "I'm not gonna win this am I?" I asked. "Nopeee" he said.

I walked downstairs and Alex also came down soon after. I made some breakfast when I got a call from Leigh-Anne. "Hey Leigh" I said. "Heyy pez I've got some exited news. Where going on a little tour in America" She said. "Omg no way" I said making Alex look up. "Yes were going over a month so enough time for rehearsals but America omg I can't believe it" she said exited. "Oh sorry got to hang Andre is here" "okay byeee" I said hanging up. "We're going on tour in America" I said. "Wow that's amazing pez I'm really happy for you" Alex said kissing my cheek. I smiled and kissed him. "When are you leaving?" "In a month so I will be gone for rehearsals and then I have to go to America" I said sadly. "Okay well the Docter said that over a month I still can't football yet so would you mind me coming with you?" He asked. "Omg yes Alex I love that" I said and kissed him.

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