“My very first” I told him

“And I’m glad I got to watch it with you, who else would have answered my questions?” I continued and he laughed

“You did ask a lot of questions” Mike smiled

“But it’s good to ask questions and I like answering them, it makes me feel all wise and knowing” Mike laughed and I joined in on his laughter. Mike then quickly checked his watch,

“Wow it’s already 9:00, I should probably get you back to the library” Mike informed me and I nodded, we got back on his bike and he peddled back to the library. I rested my hands on his shoulders this time, looking above us at the beautiful sky. The sky that was filled with a trillion of glowing stars. As soon as we reached the library, Mike and I both got off his bike. I stood in front of him and quickly took out my phone to text my dad that I was ready for him to pick me up.

“Do you want me to wait with you? Until he comes and picks you up?” Mike asked, putting his hands in his pockets.

“That would be nice” I told him and he nodded. We sat down side by side on a tan bench right in front of the library, gazing at the stars.

“Have you ever seen a meteor shower before?” Mike asked me and I shook my head.

“Nope, never” I replied

“Well tomorrow will be a first for the both of us then” Mike informed me and I smiled over at him

“Nice that I won’t be alone on that one then” I laughed

“I just heard it’s really beautiful, I don’t know how beautiful it can be, since I think I have already seen the most beautiful thing that this world has to offer” Mike whispered, I could feel him watching me the entire time he said that. Was he talking about me? I gulped, I didn’t know if I should ask Him but I wanted to. I wanted to so badly.

“Mike?” I asked


“So what it is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?” I whispered and he looked down, scratching the back of his head.

“Well…..” Mike started but before he could respond, I heard a loud honk that caused us both to jump. I looked over to see my dads car parked near us.

“Hold that thought I should probably go… my dad is here… so…. yeah” I told Him and we both got off the bench. I looked over at him, shivering a bit from the cold, I was an idiot for leaving my jean jacket at home after we went shopping and I guess he noticed my subtle shivers.

“Are you cold?” Mike asked

“A little but it’s okay” I told him, but even after I said that, he was already taking off his hoodie and placing it over my head.

“To hold you over until you get home” Mike told me with a soft smile.

“But aren’t you going to get cold?

You’re biking all the way home” I asked with wide eyes, seeing he had nothing but a short sleeved gray shirt.

“I’ll survive” Mike shrugged and I was about to counter when I heard another loud honk.

“You should go…. your dad is waiting” Mike told me, walking towards his bike

“Mike?” I asked, before he could get too far, he turned around, looking at me with his beautiful brown eyes.

“Thank you for today” I told him and he nodded.

“You’re welcome, I had fun” Mike told me “Well, see you tomorrow, if you can come that is” Mike told me after a short pause. I waited until Mike got on his bike and began his journey home before I got in my dad’s car. Staring off into the distance dreamily.

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