Chapter 2

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Mike POV

Side note: Hello reader, this is not a normal new chapter. This is basically the same as the first Chapter except in Mike’s point of view! So for all those who were questioning what Mike would be thinking and feeling during this time. This is for you!

It’s just another normal day in good old Hawkins Indiana. With the same routine I have developed for my entire summer pretty much. I wake up at 9:30 am, I have breakfast, take a shower, then get dressed. I then read or do whatever it is I want until I have to go to work. I work at a small café with my three best friends, Dustin, Will, and Lucas. They are pretty awesome and have been with me for as long as I can remember. We make coffee’s , sell treats and take orders but we do get In trouble once in a while for being too social with each other. Boss can’t do anything about it though because we still do our job and we do excellent at our job regardless of how much we joke around and talk. Working from Noon to 5:00 is relatively exhausting but I’m just happy that I get to be with my friends. Once the clock hit 5:00 pm, I say goodbye to my friends, who ride off in their bikes back home. I however go to the library a few blocks away straight from work. I am a library assistant from 5:00-9:00, pretty much everyday except for the weekends.

Weekends I don’t work at the café and I don’t assist at the library. I reserve that time to go to the arcade with my friends and play Dungeons and Dragons with them in my basement. It’s nice to act like a 15 year old boy while I still can. I rode off to the library, quietly humming a song in my head. My whole body and mind felt weird today. Like it knew something was going to happen that would change my life or something. I don’t even know. I just have a weird feeling about today. I parked my bike and walked into the library.

“Hello Miss Flowers” I told the older woman at the front desk who smiled at me.

“Hello, Micheal, care to play some music and walk around to see if anyone needs help finding a book?” Miss Flowers told me and I nodded. I went to the back room, playing soft classical music. I freshened up really quick in the library bathroom, getting out of my café work clothes and into a dark blue flannel and black jeans. I put on some deodorant, colon and quickly fixed my curly black hair. Once I was done, I put down my backpack with my work clothes and other things and set it in a chair in the back room, before making my way to the actual library. I walked around and there was a few people but they didn’t look like they needed any help. Rather like they knew what they were looking for and where to find it. I then decided to grab the racks of returned books and put them back where they belonged. I walked around, pushing a small cart of books and placing the book back in it’s proper section in the correct order. I was placing three books in a high shelf when I heard the library door open. Every time the door opens, a soft bell rings. I look over to see a girl, I have never seen her before. She walked in unsure of herself, her hands clasps in front of her and I just stared at her. She had long brown curly hair, soft looking white skin and brown soulful eyes. I was mesmerized for a moment. That was until I dropped the three books on my head.

“Ouch!” I whisper yelled, I’m such an idiot. I hope no one heard that. Luckily I don’t think anyone did. I don’t think anyone even saw it fortunately for me. I picked up the books and quickly put it where it was supposed to go before looking back at the gorgeous girl. She walked towards one of the shelves of books that was three rows down from me. I gulped, I decided that I should go see if she needs any help finding books. No, it’s not because I wanted to get a closer look at her gorgeous face. No, not at all. I quietly walked to the row she was in. I watched as her fingers skimmed over every single one of the books, her back turned towards me. She has to be new here, I have never seen someone as beautiful as she, someone so delicately gorgeous. I cleared my throat to catch her attention.

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