Chapter 28

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After the group had left The DuMort, they were walking down to Camille's house, Well, one of them.

Addy was ahead, her seraph blade out, not really caring what was going on behind her.

Her mind was on two things, where her brother was, and her so-called powers.

As a Shadowhunter, they use weapons wielded from adamas, a powerful type of metal only the Iron Sisters Have access to.

If she can access the powers from her seraph blade, using the Angelic Power, what can she do with her Angelic rune?  Was there more to her, than she really thought.

And where the hell was Jace?

"Fine I'll do it" Simon said

"No! You can't!" Clary said.

"By the angel, it's the only way you will probably ever get your mother back" Addy blurted out. So she might've been listening a bit.

"Come on" Camille said.


The group separated in the house. Izzy, Clary, and Simon all together looking for the book, and Alec and Magnus.

Addy was just strolling through the house running her fingers over the spines of the book.

"Addy!" Someone called. She turned around and saw Jace.

"Jace" she said pulling him into a hug.

"There's circle members all over the place, we have to find the others, where are they?" He asked.

"In the room we came through" Addy said. Jace took her arm and dragged her there.

The two heard Izzy get thrown around the floor.

"Stop!" Jace yelled as he and Addy came into the room, blades up.

"Leave them alone!" Addy said

"This time you're not getting away." Jace said.

"Never again" Addy said

The circle members grabbed Izzy and Simon. "Finally ready to kill you're own father?" Valentine asked

"You abandoned me, more importantly you abandoned Addison" Jace said

"I was protective both of you, you weren't ready then, but you've grown." He said

"You experimented on me" Addy said

"You two have become the warrior, I've trained you too be, you're stronger together then you are by yourself"

"You've trained us well" Addy said

"And I have so much to teach you" Valentine said. "I've brought you here for a reason, fight me, and watch your friends die"

Two circle members came in with Alec and Magnus. "You are strong, but they make you weak"

"Just becomes love didn't work out for you doesn't mean it will fail us" Addy said.

"Let us go" Clary said. Valentine turned towards her.

Addy took Jace's free hand and placed hers in his. "Wherever you go, I'm going to be right by your side, even if it leads us to death" Addy said

"I'll always be by your side" Jace said. Valentine and Clary were talking, but the pair didn't move. They held each other's hands proudly as well as their blades.

"— Ah, Clarissa, so like your mother... willing to do anything for those that you love" Valentine said. Addy gritted her teeth. "I'm touched but, the Book was never part of my plan, I want you to wake up your mother, I know that you both will join me eventually, it's fated"

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