2007 Leo x Azure (OC)

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this was a request from   AroraWoodmnyx thank you so much for the request (girl? guy? girl...) girl!!!

lets do this!


Azure's P.O.V

i was sitting in the lair talking to April about who we liked. "so April who do you like?" i asked her "um... Donnie no Casey no Donnie Casey ugh i don't know!!!" she said nervously and confused "you're stuck in a love triangle and im in love with a guy who would never love me back." i said with a sigh. "aww who is it maybe i can help?" she said with datermination and curiosity. "um... promise you wont tell" i said with worry in my voice "cross my heart." she said "Leo." i wispered "omg you like Leo!!!" she screamed as Raph walked into thew room "APRIL!!!!" I screamed in panick then sent Raph a deth glair "Raph you tell and you'll be turtle soup." i said in a thretaning tone "i promis, NOT LEO!!!" Raph screamed as Leo ran in "what Raph?" he asked "Azure likes you!!!" Raph shouted and ran out of the room "RAPH!!!!" i screamed as i puled out my dull Tamtams (small japanie dagers) and chased him out of the lair into the sewers with my hair blowing behined me (long or short it works i think)

Leo's P.O.V

i was in the midlle of the lair trying to proses what Raph had justed said. then it hit me like a train, Azure likes me as in like likes me "yes i have a chance!!!" i screamed as i ran to go fined her but smacked into a wall "im ok!" i said to myself as i ran out of the lair.

****time skipe brout by mikeys jelly bean pizza!******

"Azure!!!" i screamed as i ran throug the sewers worryed, i had found Raph and sent him home but now i have to fined the gitl i love. "Leo.. is that you!" Azure shouted as she ran twords me "yeah um ... listen i was wondering um.. maybe we could go on a date some time." i said stutering "i would love that Leo." she said kissing my cheak "last one to the lair is a mutent cows butt!!!" she screamed and ran off me chasing her.

*time skipe*

Azure's P.O.V

"and that kids is how me and your Father got together." i said to my sone and dauter as they looked at us with wonder in there eyes "wow!!" they both said running off


i hoped you liked it   AroraWoodsmnyx  i tryed my best but im not sure if i did it right im a littlerusty on OC's

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