* Writing Styles

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There are two basic styles of writing which have been so popular that they had been classified as different revolutions.

~ Romanticism

~ Classicism/Realism

There are many differences in both these styles. So we will discuss them both one by one.


Basically, there is a very simple way to understand romanticism.

Imagination + Sentiments = Romanticism

This style of writing is more art than literature. All types of fiction/fantasy can be classified under this category. Romanticism deals with literature that gives freedom of expression, which can be written on any topic in any way. The style which exhibits artful descriptions, comparisons and imaginative stuff is clearly a reflector of Romanticism.


Similarly, the equation for classicism/realism can be written as:

Society + Human Flaws + Moral Values = Classicism/Realism

This style of writing focuses more on the everyday aspects of life and the problems humans face in the society. It is centered on the truth and facts and instead of being art it is best classified as scientific. The style which seems to lack descriptions, is brief and to the point and wavers away from imagination is a reflector of Classicism/Realism.


Actually both of these styles are used alternatively in all types of genres either fictional or nonfictional. The only problem which comes up is when to use which style.

So this chapter has been formulated to help you out with a few basics of writing in a certain style or type of literary expression.

Since our main topic is Harry Potter Fanfictions, I will have to focus more on Romanticism because clearly the only style of writing you can use here without any fail is romanticism. Of course you will see a few examples of Classicism/Realism in here as well but the main object under discussion is the Romantic Style of Writing.

Fiction is normally categorized as a form of Romantic expression but nowadays the sub genres in fiction have expanded a great deal. And so the requirements for writing have also shifted accordingly.

Harry Potter fanfictions can be classified under the following sub-genres:

1. Fantasy

2. Young Adult

3. Romance

4. Magical Realism

5. Mythopoeia

And nearly all fanfics revolve around these five main sub genres. You will never find a Harry Potter fanfic which deals with mystery or detective case sort of thing until or unless it's a Sherlock crossover. Similarly, all the fanfics are a sort of romance and it is hard chance for you to ever find any fanfic that follows a completely different outlook.

You can not use Classicism while writing a Harry Potter fanfic because of two main reasons:

a) The audience wouldn't like it.

b) It would seem illogical.

I mean have you ever come across a fanfic where Dumbledore runs a Stop Environmental Pollution Campaign or the pureblood Sacred 28 hold meetings to work for the elimination of poverty and injustice?

No, you don't.

But one thing to be kept in mind while using Romanticism style of writing is that it does not always deal with love stories.

Romance is not equal to love.

The actual definition of romance is:

A quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

It is us, people, who have generally formed the concept of romance being love.

Anyhow, in short, the main point is that such sort of fiction is written in a descriptive style where emotions are focused and sentiments are centralized.

I will be elaborating this in the upcoming chapter which deals withe narratives used in fanfictions.


In the next chapter we will be discussing the narratives used in writing. I had to start off with the Writing style because it is the first element you should know when it comes to formulate literature of your own. 

Stay tuned for the next update.

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