Chapter 1

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Katy's POV

"Hand me choco chips" I told Peter, he is on who is in charge of all the cake decorating stuff. He handed me and I thanked him. I added choco chips in the dough and gently mixed it before putting it inside refrigerator. Now after an hour third batch of choco chips cookies will be ready.

"Hey, Katy one of the customer is asking for you" Rachel informed, she is the one who serves customers. I nodded and after wiping my hand, went outside kitchen to sitting part of cafè.

We stopped in front of a family of four. I smiled at them and asked "Hi, I am Katy. How can I help you?"

All of them smiled including a small girl who would be around 5 gave me a toothy grin. I smiled widely at her.

The woman answered "We just wanted to know and compliment the one who made these choco chip and chocolate cookies. "

"I am happy to know that you enjoyed the cookies I made."

"I loved it, Katey" the small girl said. I smiled gently when she pronounced my name wrongly.

I sat on my knee so I could be the same level as her said "Thank you. What is your name, pretty princess?"

At my endearment she sat up straight and smiled. We all chuckled at her cute reaction.

"My name is Bethany but you can call me Beth" she held her hand and I shaked her hand with mine.

"We came from Los Angeles for a trip to California and many people suggested us that we should try 'Katy Bakes' and we came to this town specifically for your wonderful cafè. And I have to say I am not at all disappointed but rather have a wish to visit Cali as much as I can so we could visit this cafè. " Beth's mother confessed. And this is the one of the most important reason for having 'Katy Bakes' to see people happy and satisfied. To witness the look of contentment on their faces after they have their favorite dessert, it makes me happy that I can make them forget about their problems for a while and just look at their happy faces.

"Thank you so much. I, my team and Katy Bakes are very privileged to have all your love and support. Because of all the people's love, Katy Bakes will keep making desserts and keep giving people happiness after eating their favorite bakes. " I said honestly with pride and gratefulness laced in my words.

All of them nodded. I talked for few minutes and then went back to kitchen to bake choco chips cookies.

"Katy, are you sure you don't want to replace my work after I leave?" Mia, my best friend and the only one who helps me to bake cookies and cakes; asked for millionth time since she told me she had to resign as she is shifting from Cali to New York.

"Yes I am sure, Mia. I can handle it." but like always I know I am lying. I cannot myself bake all the products. All the other members of team aren't really bakers but either for decorating or serving work, they aren't really a best option to ask help in baking.

She didn't answered but just nodded sadly.

I put a hand on her shoulder and said "Don't feel guilty about it. We will take care of Katy Bakes and secondly, don't be so arrogant that without you the cafè won't work" I teased her playfully. She chuckled and I smiled back.

"And don't forget, tomorrow is your farewell party" I reminded her to which she nodded in reply. And then we all cherished the silence as we all worked.

And after a long day of baking we were almost done. I had sent everyone home as today being Friday, I had to go orphanage and give them cupcakes for everyone as I do every Friday.

A customer came as I was the only one serving now and all the remaining customers were done with their orders and now were eating.

As I approached him I saw all his features properly as properly I could as he was wearing a cap and sunglasses. All I could properly make out was he had high cheekbones, sharp jawline and he obviously work out as his biceps are quite large but not in an overbearing way. I realized that I was ogling at him so I snapped out of trance and asked him what would he have. After taking his order I went to brew coffee and warm some cinnamon roll cookies which were very famous at Katy Bakes and only Mia knows how to make it this perfect.

After I was done, I walked out and saw him at one of the walls which were decorated by some quotes which I am very proud to say that I chose and arranged everything on the wall. I placed his order at his table and he sat on chair as he saw I placed it.

Till the time he finished his meal, I switched off and packed up everything.

"Are you the owner of he cafè? " After he paid for his bill, he asked me.

I was little surprised by his abrupt question but I answered proudly "Yes I am"

He smiled and said "You have a beautiful cafè and the food was also delicious. This cafè just became my favorite."

I chuckled and said sincerely "Thank you. And you are welcomed anytime to come."

And then he went out of cafè and I flipped the sign on the door as 'closed'.

After locking up the door and switching off the lights, I drived to orphanage and was immediately welcomed with children hugging my legs, I laughed and bend down to hug them. I have known them since they all came here.

After hugging and giving them cupcakes I looked up and saw Aunt Anna. She isn't actually my aunt but everyone calls her Aunt Anna as she is a 40 year woman who is in charge of orphanage and I had known since I was born. We hugged and greeted each other.

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