Chapter 16

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Days went by. We haven't told the family yet. We want to wait until we know the gender of the baby to tell them. That way we know we have gotten past the difficult stages. In secret Dimitri and I have been bonding and just embracing the time of pregnancy. At night he wraps his arms around me gently rubbing my stomach and nuzzling into my neck. It is sweet and romantic and I love it so much but boy does he make me sweat at night. Im not joking he is like a human radiator. I end up taking off the blanket and just stay warm by the envelope of his limbs. I obviously cant tell him that he makes me extremely sweaty because he loves being close to me at night but boy oh boy do we beed to do something about this.
I wake up again this morning with various limbs touching me and only my legs in the duvet. I try to get out to go get breakfast but I'm restricted.
"Dimitri?" I whisper.
"Yeah?" He replies groggily. I felt his warm breath on my neck. He has only just woken up. Its easy to tell because the thickness of his accent is much heavier. I must admit being surrounded by the Russian accent I have started to pick up certain sounds that sound slightly Russian which in the long run will be better if I am living here and possibly getting a job one day. The silkiness and sexiness of the Russian accent is amazing. Dimitri's in particular is breathtaking and makes me swoon even more so now with my raging hormones. Luckily they haven't fully kicked in yet but their effect is starting. I feel sorry for my poor comrade. He will have to put up with it alone until I'm twenty weeks. But then again he isn't the one thats going to get fat and actually go through labour so I'm not that sorry.
"Could you let me go so I can eat. Me and bubby here are starving and your microwave limbs are stopping us from reaching food," I had to laugh at myself. I couldnt see all of his face but what I did see was priceless. He pulled his limbs back and I hopped out of bed. I turned around and placed a kiss on Dimitri's temple. Looking in the mirror I realised I looked like shit. I thought pregnancy was meant to make you look healthy and glowy. My eyes have sunken a little and  I have gone a shade paler than usual. I shan't worry though. Its probably just from sickness and nausea draining me.
Reaching for my slippers, I asked Dimitri if he wanted me to bring him anything up to our room.
"Just a coffee thanks, love. But sort yourself out first Im going to get a shower," he headed into our en suit and shut the door. He is in an odd mood this morning. We will see if his mood changes when I come back.
No one was downstairs so I quickly grabbed what I needed and headed back upstairs. For a house full of people its always peaceful and everyone is occupied most if the time. 
"Shhh she may be back any minute. This has to stay between us for now. Not until I'm ready to reveal everything. Im nervous. Whats her reaction going to be?-" I cut him off and stormed into the bathroom. He was on the phone with just a towel on. I couldn't believe what I heard. By the tone of his voice and the secrecy, I was certain he was seeing another woman.
"Dimitri... how-how could you?!" I cried. Tears fall down my face. I ran again for the second time in the past two weeks. This time though however I had a destination in mind. He would never think to look here and I need space and time to think. This was the first place I could think of where I could hide for a while and him not find me. I mean its not ideal with the circumstances I'm in but I have no choice. I reach my destination quickly.
"How nice to see you. Have you got an appointment?" The receptionist asked.
"No but please I need to see him. Tell him that Rose is here and its a matter if urgency," she picked up the phone and pressed a button.
"Theres a young girl here sir, she says her name is Rose and that its a matter of urgency," she goes quiet as he responds to her. She hangs up the phone.
"He is on his way down to collect you," I nod and say thank you as I go to where he will walk in. As soon as I see him I run into his arms.
"Baba!" I cried. I sobbed into his shoulder and he guided me back to his office. I went to his building where he works on human deals.
"Kizim whats up?" He asks as he stokes my hair soothingly.
"I heard Dimitri on the phone. He was whispering and keeping secrets. He has to be cheating baba. He never does stuff like this. We always tell each other everything. Baba I'm pregnant. With his child. I dont know what to do!" I cried. This time I cried into my knees too embarrassed to look at my father.
"Hey look at me, you can stay with me until you are ready to face him. I will look into this and if he comes knocking I will turn him away until you want to see him okay?" He said re assuringly. I nodded.
"So im gonna be a grandpa?" He smiled. It lightened my mood to hear him happy.
"Yeah. Bubby here was a surprise but I love my little jelly bean so much," I say rubbing my not there yet bump.

My apologies for the lack of uploads. If you read my other story 'zonila' you will know why but incase you dont; I found out I was pregnant with a little girl but had some troubles so was in hospital for a while but everything is perfect now. I will be uploading more and this story is going to get emotional over the next chapter or so. Enjoy the story xx

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