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Well how did you enjoy the chat two weeks ago

It took you two weeks to ask me?

Well yea

I was hoping you would have everything processed by now😂


September is almost over with


What is next after September



i was thinking about being a school girl but I don't know for sure😂

Oh we are gonna be off for Halloween

Oh you're going to back to Dallas?

Yea Imma see if Reese wants to go trick or treating

I'm sure Reese will want to

I would, I get free candy😂

I don't like turning down free things

I think we all don't like turning down free things


So Megan and asking me if I wanna go to this Halloween party but I won't know anyone there

Isn't that good?

Not with my antisocial ass

So it isn't good?


Not at all the time

How are you antisocial

Because I don't like a lot of people

If I notice someone and I observe what they are doing it can really tell a lot

Ever heard of the qoute "actions speak louder then words"

I thought it was just a saying😂😂

Then how did you talk to me so easily?

Because I couldn't observe your actions

Only what you typed

But then when I got deep into the Limelight fandom there is some dark things

Like what?

Old videos of you

It was really dark

You should've had brighter lighten

Oh I get it😂

You are complaining about how in my videos there was not enough light😂


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