Our Love Is Like A Song

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*Flashback, Demi POV*

It was finally our lunch break. We've been in dance rehearsals for 5 hours straight.... Funny I don't remember camp rock being this tiring. I managed to grab some fruit from the lunch area and some water, I don't want to be too full for the latter part of the day. God only knows what they'll have us doing later. Joe, Nick, Big Rob and I sat down at the table by the door as usual, Kevin was off flirting with some chick, good for him. It was always a joy having Big rob here. He is always so funny and he always brings a positive vibe with him, y'know? 

Today in particular we were busy knocking tables to some undecided beat, spitting out random lyrics when I see her. She was new for sure. I would've remembered her from the first movie. A face like that couldn't be forgotten. I was consumed by her presence when I heard Big Rob let out a low whistle from beside me.

"Hey, would you tap that? "

"Yes!" I answered quickly earning an eyebrow raise from both Nick and Joe while Rob chuckled a bit. "I mean, No, I mean I'm not a lesbian or anything like that."  I stumbled over my words.  Fuck.

"Well, that's great to hear Demi, but I was talking to Joe and Nick."

They all burst out laughing at me and my face turned the deepest shade of red. Why couldn't I think straight? I mean I haven't even had a conversation with her as yet. I noticed she sat two tables away from us by herself, further confirming my theory of her being new. She had some earbuds to keep her company though as she jammed out to whatever music she was listening to while fiddling with her phone. She had big curly hair which she let loose, dark, clean skin and a smile which could make even the devil cry.

She must've felt my eyes on her because her eyes flickered up to meet mine as I pretended to be interested in whatever the boys were talking about. Then she got up to leave. I wanted so badly to follow her, to at least say hi but it was time for us to get back to the dance studio. Sure, I felt a bit disappointed but this couldn't be the last time I would see her right? After all, we haven't even started really filming yet. Before I knew it, I was already in the dance studio warming up for part 2 of our rehearsals and learning the choreography to 'It's on'. I was having difficulty with some of the moves and apparently I wasn't the only one because Marco, our instructor asked us to pair up with a professional dancer.

"Demi," he said in my direction "You pair up with Jessica."

Pair up with who exactly? And that's when I saw her, Marco directing her towards me. I must've been in a daze because I didn't notice she was now standing right beside me apparently waiting on me to say something.

"What is it?" I said a bit too aggressively as I tried to hide my nerves and she made a face. So much for charm.

"I was just asking what moves you were having problems with?"  She bit back a little defensively. Oooh a girl with 'tude AND an accent.

I tried making a small talk but she wasn't having it.  At all. After about three hours, Marco told us we could wrap up for the day so Jessica began to move towards her stuff.

"You're a really great dancer." I called after her.

"Thanks, you aren't too bad yourself once you get the hang of it."

I blushed once she said that. I fucking blushed for Christ's sake.

"Jessica huh? Beautiful name for a beautiful face." Was that supposed to be flirting Demetria? Fuck.

She must've asked herself the same question because she chuckled back a simple "Thank you."

"So.... " I tried desperately to continue our conversation. "Your accent, What is it?"

"Oh, its Jamaican." Interesting.

"So you just moved here?"

"Here as in America or Cali?"

"Both, I guess."

"I've been in the US for almost a year I think, but I moved to California almost a month now."

"Oh, so maybe I could show you around sometime?" Call me Mr. Smooth.

"Sure, Anytime." She accepted and there goes that deadly smile again. Lord help me.

 Yes, Jessica is black just because I don't remember ever reading of Demi in an interracial relationship. And here is chapter 2!! I really didn't expect people to read much less like my story so thanks to all who are reading, it means the world, honestly!! So please review it really means alot. (also dont be afraid to say you didn't like something either)  Xoxojesswess

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