Sarah's P.O.V

I never knew what it would be like if I had never met Jack and Jack back in kindergarten. We're so close and they're like brothers to me. We tell each other everything and we ask for each other's advice. We have those ups and downs. When we'd go our separate ways for a bit, we would always find a way of forgiving each other in the end.

"Earth to Sarah," Johnson says trying to get my attention. I snap out of my thoughts and realize that we're at his house. "Are you okay?" He laughs a little looking at me. He's already parked in his driveway waiting for me to respond.

"Yeah, just excited to see all the guys later and Magcon," I smile. We get out of the car and went into the house. Mrs.Johnson is not home yet, but she has the living room already set up. Jack and I went down stairs to setup the air mattresses. All the guys and Mahogany have decided that we'd all sleep at Jacks house instead of at a hotel this time.

"Hey can you call Jack for me and tell him to pick up some coffee?" Jack asks as he is blowing up the beds.

"Yeah, sure." I jog up the stairs and into the kitchen and calling G. A few rings later he picks up.

"Hey Sarah!" he says. "I'm just on my way there."

"Oh hey, Jack was wondering if you could pick up some coffee on the way here."

"Starbucks it is. I'm already on it. See you in a bit."

"Thanks". I hang up the phone and I hear the front door close. I run over to see that it is Mrs. Johnson coming in with the groceries.

"Ooo Mrs. Johnson, let me help you." I smile and take some of the bags from her.

"Why thank you Sarah." Mrs. Johnson smile. She is like my second mom. I'm literally here everyday with the Jacks after school to hangout. We had almost a similar routine here. Come home from school, grab a snack, do homework, fool around them we'd go home for dinner.

I help out by putting all the groceries away. There are a lot of chips that I put onto the dinning room table. There are plenty of junk food from where that came from. After I was about done organizing all the snacks, G comes through the front door and Johnson comes from downstairs. The Jacks and I walk into the dinning room and have our coffee talking about our plans.


What do you guys think about this story? I've never really written a fanfic before. I guess there is always a first? It's kinda boring for the intro but I promise it will get better through out the book 💕 ~Sam

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