- Chapter 1 -

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Ringgg...the alarm on my phone keep ringing. Finally I woke up and look at the clock. It's 7 in the morning. I went to take a wash and get ready to start working. I just wore a simple and comfortable clothes like this :

 I just wore a simple and comfortable clothes like this :

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"Unnie! Breakfast is ready."
Chaeyoung, my housemate called me so i could have my breakfast. After i had my breakfast, i took my slingbag and decided to leave.

"Chaeyoungie-ah, I'm leaving now. Take care of yourself." I said

"Nae unnie, take care of yourself too." She said as i leave.

I'm currently working at a coffee shop that was not too far from my house, so I just walk by myself. Suddenly, my phone starts ringing and it was my mom. I answered the call.

"Annyeong eomma." I said to my mom.

"Annyeong Dahyunie."

"Why did you call me in this early morning eomma?" I asked her.

"Are you free this weekend ?" My mom asked me.

"Nae eomma, wae?" I asked once agian.

"Eomma and appa wants to meet you later."

"Ok, I will come when i'm free." I said.

"Gomawo Dahyunie-ah~ Eomma need to go now, see you later."

"Nae eomma. Saranghaeyo~" I said.

We ended up the call. I wondered why they suddenly want to meet me. Maybe they just missed me a lot ?
-26th Nov 2019.

so when i read this story again, i just cringe so much like WTF AM I EVEN THINKING LOL MY GRAMMAR WAS REALLY BAD SKDHSJ so i decided to edited it again lolol

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