Red Vein. A wolf story

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Ok this is a story that me and my friend have been working on. She's good at the middle and end, while I'm best at coming up with the beginning and ends. So i hope you like it and tell me what you think. And btw if you're looking for turn ons or sex then i suggest you leave right now. And srry for any mistakes. :D <3

The gray and red wolf shook her short pelt of of water. Yet again she had won a fight for power, she was becoming respected. Tradition called for washing one's pelt, win or lose, after fighting. Furisia recalled the fight in vivid detail.

"Are you sure you want ot lose to a girl?' Furisia mocked. her coat was damp against her skin. She was nearly soaked for running so hard, to tire her opponent. It had worked, she thought, but at a cost.

I will not a bitch!"he snarled. The larger dog lunged for her throat. Furisia saw it coming and swiftly clubbed him on the back of the neck as he ran by her. The dog crashed into the mud of the arena. She laughed in pity.

"GIve up yet? Your dirty but with no blood stains! Leave while you can like that!" She taunted. Reluctantly he came for ward. Suddenly he jumped out to bite her. She rolled and smacked him in the stomach, biting his leg in the process. He howled in pain. The fight had ended. None of this 'fight to the death nonsense.'

"This isn't over." he growled, he then limped out of the arena.

Furisia was glad to be the alpha female. She walked away form the stream. 'Well now my coat is at least presentable!' She thought. The female wolf started jogging back to her den. Her mate, Taio, would be glad to see her back in one piece. Her enemy had been pretty hard today. She picked up the pace until she was racing home.

Furisia was greeted home accordingly. Taio was at her side about fifty feet out of the den territory. They yapped like pups until they got home. Furisia found her sister diiging the kill, a nice sized moose calf today. She greeted her by playing tug-o-war with a leg. When they finished she started talking to her sister.

"How did your fight go?" Takura, her sister asked. Furisia looked quizzically at her sister.

"Well i made it home didn't I?" What was it that made her sister look so different? "Oh right!" sh looked ashamed.

"Why do you look so different?' Furisia blurted out. 'Whoops! There are many ways to go about this more gracefully.' she thought, although now her white and red sister looked almost more excited than ever. "I was hoping you would ask that!" She was yelping like a pup! She looked down at her paws, panting. "Furisia I am expecting!" She said excitedly. Furisia thought for a moment. "To who?" She asked finally. Takura looked surprised. 'She probably expected me to start running and jumping like the others.' She mused.

"I am mated to Rasco." She said hesitantly. Furisia started wagging her stubby little tail. She had hoped Rasco would mate wiht her sister. It was a perfect match made in heaven! Takura had been bouncing off her head lately. Wheeas Rasci had all four paws stuck to the ground. Furisia's cloud gray eyes danced. "I am so happy for you Takura!" Takura's face lit a moment for a newcome mother, and an alpha female. Sad as well. It still stung Furisia that about a month ago she miscarried her first whelp of pups. She mourned for her unborn pups. She hoped she would produce someday.

She was suddenly jolted back to reality. A familiar war-cry sounded in the distance. It hit her like a brick to realize that cry. Her brother, Mars, was in danger.

"Mars!" she howled. She started racing to the cry that had saved her from death many times.

Taio had set out at a dead run. He ran low to the ground. Furisia, as always, was by his side. Taio always felt better with his mate by his side. Her incredible strength and speed were always welcomed. Especially when it seemed they were racing to a battle, again. Mars had been out on a hunting rove. He had the loudest voince in the pack. 'He was the first to sing out for danger, and moose. It's strange,' Taio thought, 'I always think of him running to help others not the other way around!' But after that, the orangey alpha had no more time to think. A battle spread out before him. He then saw why Mars had howled so loud and far. All around him were neeuqs, disgusting, and ravenous, bloothirsty creatures. They were nothing but skin and bones. Covered in scars, with no hair on thier bodies, and scaly spikes along thier backs they were the true enemies of his pack, and those of his fathers' before him. He brace himself for the oncoming blow and chargedinto the middle of the neeuqs back. He fought viciously, biting and scratching anything he came in contact with. His pack mates were doing the same thing. Ranculose snarled and bit deeply into the side of one neeuq, Wonder nipping at the heels of the neeuqs smart enough to retreat, although the best of his fighters were those who fought beside him. Furisia batting and biting those threatening to come between her, and her brother. And with Scorpio at his back he felt they could win this battle easily. Finally the neeuqs broke off at a dead run leaving those wounded enough to limp back.

"Mars!" Furisia saw him right there in the bushes. Why wasn't he moving to her? "Mars it's me!" She bounded over to her brother. She went to look at him and recoiled. He smelled of blood, and something else. It was bot what she wanted him to smell like. "Mars." she said gently. "come on we need to get you back to the den." HIs eyes were open and were glazed over with pain. She nudged him and he wimpered from pain. She grabbed the scruff of his neck and tried to pull him up to his feet. He stood up shakily and started limping back to the den.

Mars looked out at the world from his small nest by the pine. Life was buzzing as usual. Yesterday he found out his sister, and at one time apprentice, were, expecting pups. Fizia looked plumper than Takura. Perhaps his siter wouldn't have as many pups. "Are you bored out of your mind or just staring at my mate?" That was a very familiar husky voice. "Hello Sunflare." Mars looked up to see a coat that looked as though it would belong to a tiger and a cheetah at the same time. "where's you rbrother? sulking that you got the girl?" Mars asked teasingly. "Apparently it didn't affect Sun. "No Blaze is probably off mooning for Wonder." He said as though it really didn't matter. "Fizia looks plump. When is she do?" Sunflare looked down at Mars proudly. "In a couple of weeks I think." Suddenly the expert on all things helping, came over. Axel shook his head to Sunflare "She will be do in a couple of months." Oh well. Poor Sunflare would just have to wait a little longer.

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