gone *2

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3years later

Its been three years since she left - it hurts, but I know she's watching down over us. I havent cried - she wouldn't want me to. She always believed happiness was stronger than saddness.

Y/s/n has started to wonder where his mummy is, but I never know when the right time is to tell him "daddy look at the stars" y/s/n said "wow they look beautiful" i said patting the space next to me on the couch.

"Daddy can we go outside? " I nodded and picked him up, we walked to the back garden, "daddy look at that star it's shinning on us, it's following us!" His smile made my whole world light up.

"Yeah baby, thats your mummy - your mummy is up there watching you making sure you're safe." A tear escaped my eye, y/s/n brought his hand to my face and wiped them away, "daddy dont cry."

"I love you" I whisper. We sat down on the grass, "daddy where did mummy go?" I looked up at the sky and gently placed him on my knee. "Well your mummy went up into the sky to play with the angels because she was an angel, but your mumy was very ill and she had to visit God to get better because the doctor's here couldn't help her" I let a few more tears escape.

"So God took her up to live in heaven, and one day we will see mummy again when God takes us to live up there with him, we will see mummy again forever" and with that he fell alseep in my arms.

Y/s/n pov
20 year later

I placed a rose on the joint headstone, "Dad, Mum I miss you, today is the day you two got married, happy anniversary guys. Each night I tell my children; your two grandkids 'when you fall asleep tonight just remember that we lay under the same stars" because you are those two stars and I know you're shining down on them...and me. I love you both forever and always.

Goodbye x

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