Chapter 5 - 07:00 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 5
Date: March 26th, 2018
Time: 07:00am
Location: Los Angeles
Liam's hideout mansion

The morning sun was bright through the windows of the large awakened mansion. The only place the rays dared not to touch was the basement down under where painful screams and grunts echoed through the darkness of the underground room. Violent punches were heard as well alongside some stern voices and low cruel laughter.

"Now tell us Mr. Smith or you will have to speak with the boss and tell him instead. I'm sure you wouldn't want that." The man was threatening, his clenched fist bloody ready to swing again.

The other man sat helplessly in the cold steel chair tied down upon it with rope. His eyes were both badly swollen while his face was damaged up with blood spilling from the open wounds in his once pure skin.

He sat in silence and fear ignoring the taller man over him.

"Very well then." The man wiped his blood stained hand on a towel he had picked up from a nearby table. "Boss shall be down in-"

"Jonathan." Liam strode in on cue with an evil pleasant look on his. Not once did he look at the wounded man in the chair.

"Boss." The tall man bowed his head.

Liam bowed his head in return then moved swiftly over to the table to grab a pair of black latex gloves that matched his black suit "So Mr. Smith." He turned to the frightened man "What is this I hear about you trying to turn one of my men into the cops after they tried receiving your monthly payments?"

"Mr. Payne I-"

"You what?" Liam neared him with a raised brow.

The man began tearing up "I-"

"You know there really isn't any excuse for your actions Mr. Smith." The drug lord crouched to his level glaring into his two purple wounded eyes "You simply had no money to pay, huh? So because you were afraid of what my men would do to you, you called the cops before hand to try and catch them so you'd be free and live long a happy life without a care in the world."

The man leaned far back into the chair holding his breath.

"Well my friend. Here's the thing, in case you didn't know much of the police department actually takes part in our business." He reached his hand up to grab onto the man's chin forcing him to look him in the eye "Also it takes more than that to take us down."

With his free hand Liam held it behind him having his partner place a knife in his hand "You really didn't have to go through all this, you know?" he released his chin bringing the knife up to his face an evil smirk lifting upon his lips "We could have worked around the payments..... I really liked you Mr. Smith. I don't understand why you didn't just come here and ask for my help."

The man stared at the knife shaking as he took a big gulp "Sir, please don't. I'm sorry I'll ask for help-"

"It's too late, Smith." Liam slid the knife flat onto the man's blood stained cheek "You had the chance to talk but you went beyond and ruined that chance."

Jonathan snickered lightly at how the man was in deep fear all over Liam Payne the boss.

"We can't trust you back in the public, now can we?" Liam led the knife slowly down the man's bloody ripped T-shirt.

"I'll be a slave down here." The man desperately blurted.

Liam snorted shaking his head "Mr. Smith, that wouldn't be wise. They'd be a chance you might escape. I wouldn't want to risk it."

"I'll-" He was cut off by Liam drifting the knife towards his heart the tip leaning up into the position to puncture into his body. "No please don't kill me. My girlfriend is having a baby I need to be there for her."

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