40. Princess

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Chapter dedicated to AnuCvatti.  Thanks, Ms. Savage, for reading and commenting and being just adorably you!  ps...I enjoyed our chat. My door is open anytime you need a friendly ear. Much love!

Chapter 40—Princess


Right in the middle of my conversation with Ever, I knew something was drastically wrong when he glanced over my shoulder and sucked in a sharp breath, his eyes widening larger than I'd ever seen them.

Spinning around, it only took me a second to identify the problem.

Hycinth wasn't where I left her.

Nope. Not only was she gone from Gwen's side, but my little mouse had taken it upon herself to sidle up to two unmated males and stare them down as though they were beef selections on a platter for her choosing.

"Oh, fuck, no," I snarled.

Ever didn't say another word as he followed me across the training center.

Reaching Hycinth, I wrapped a hand around her elbow. "The fuck are you doing?"

If I wasn't already shocked enough by Hycinth's behavior before I reached her, I was outright stunned when she jerked out of my grip, Wolf in her eyes, and bared her teeth at me!

She gave no answer.  Just stared....expectantly.

The fuck??

My Wolf was a little bit quicker on the uptake, snarling, "She thinks one of them might be more worthy than us."

What the hell??


Hycinth couldn't possibly think one of these measly wolves to be more powerful, more deserving. I was the fucking Alpha for fuck's sake!

But yet...the predatory gleam in her naughty eyes made me believe my Wolf just might be correct.

And with that abrupt realization...

...feral dominance exploded inside of me.

In one mighty heave, the air was sucked out of my body, but I wasn't left breathless for long. A wave of oxygen snapped back like a rubber band, saturating my lungs beyond capacity and expanding my chest to the fullest.

The force of it almost knocked me off my feet.

Primal instincts blazing, my Wolf surged forward as close to the surface as possible without breaking through my skin, filling the spaces inside of me.

We held an exquisitely painful state of mid-shift between his body and mine. Organs merged and became one, heart, lungs, liver. Red blood cells and bodily fluid amalgamated into stasis. Neither mine nor his—but ours. I couldn't tell where he ended and I began.

I'd never felt so in sync...so symbiotic with my Wolf's consciousness and flesh. The air vibrated, tangible and alive, crackling with energy and anticipation.

My voice dropped an octave, "What is it that you want, little mouse?"

Still no response...just waiting.

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