Chapter 4: The First Day Part II

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Chapter 4

"Well since this is the first day of my class for both of you, I think I will start out by introducing myself... My name is Coach Algebra, but you can just call me Coach."

He walked over to his desk, set his papers and laptop down, and walked over to the board and wrote out 'Coach Algebra'. Then underlined it several times for emphasis.

"You two are here in my class because you are too stupid to be in the regular classes." The words 'too stupid' shot an arrow through the kernel of confidence she had mustered as she walked into class. Coach paused his introduction to glare at Marshall, who was currently staring out the window with his headphones in.

"Mr. Lee, is there some reason that you are not paying attention to my introduction? If you decide to show up to class, the least you can do is feign attentiveness."

Marshall pulled the pair of headphones out of his ears and began to twirl them around. "Woops! Sorry Coachie! I am all ears." He replied, using the same mockingly polite voice and smile he had used earlier that day when he was apologizing to Bubba.

"I'd give you detention if I could somehow guarantee you would show up..." Coach grumbled."Alright, well let's not waste anymore time doddeling! Pull out your textbooks and let's start from chapter one."

Fiona spent the next twenty minutes furiously scribbling down everything Coach wrote down on the board. Glob... I will never be able to get up to speed. Then Bubba flashed in her mind. Well, maybe I will...

Coach left them the remaining class time to work on their homework. Fiona pulled out her phone from its hiding place in her lime green backpack, plugged in the matching bunny headphones, and began clicking through her enormous music library. She heard the squeaking of a desk across the wood floors. She looked up to see Marshall looking intently at her.

"Hey..." He began.

She looked up at him, and then looked back down at her phone. Choosing to ignore him.

"What do you have there?" He grabbed her phone from her hands, and began flipping through her music.

"Hey Dracula, give me back my phone!" She lunged at him from her seat, but he blocked her with one hand. He was a lot stronger than he looked.

"So good little girl likes Metallica and Nirvana?" He smirked.

"Who and who?" She had given up trying to get her phone back, and decided to start on her homework without musical accompaniment. The whole time Coach never even glanced up from his copy of Sports Illustrated.

Marshall looked up from her phone with horror. "Are you telling me that you don't know who either of those bands are?" Fiona shook her head no.

"Well then, you have some homework..."

"And why would I want to listen to anything a member of the living dead such as you would recommend?"

"Trust me. I am in a band, I know this sort of stuff." He replied as he tore a sheet of lined paper from her math notebook, and began to scrawl out names, artists, and years.

Who was this boy? Did he not remember her from this morning?

"It's called The Scream Kings..." Marshall said nonchalantly as he continued to scribble down names.

"What?" His comment had snapped her from her daydream.

"The name of my band, we're called The Scream Kings. You should come see us sometime. It can get pretty crazy..." He glanced over at her, sizing her up. "But something about you tells me that you would be just fine." He dotted the last i on his list, folded it up into fours, and handed it to her. She snatched the paper, and began to crinkle it open. He grabbed it back along with her phone he had surrendered during their squabble.

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