Part 26 (3)

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Chloe: Did you hide in time?

Georgie: Just. I'm hiding underneath a table, and it's so cramped and dusty. 

Chloe: I'm hiding in a wardrobe. 

Georgie: But you didn't need to hide, there was no-one coming your way.

Chloe: There was. He came down the stairs and I was in the hall. 

Georgie: Did you manage to open that locked door?

Chloe: Nope. But I couldn't hear anyone inside anyways, so it isn't really important.

Georgie: I bet it is. 

Chloe: How do you know?

Georgie: A locked door always contains secrets. 

Chloe: So you're a locked door?

Georgie: Shush. I don't hold THAT many secrets.

Chloe: Yes you do. You're different to other people. 

Georgie: So does that mean I'm holding secrets?

Chloe: Kinda. 

Georgie: Thanks for calling me a locked door anyway...

Chloe: It's a metaphor. 

Georgie: I'm not stupid, I know it is.

Chloe: Anyway, I've found another door, and it's locked. But I hear a voice inside. 

Georgie: Is there a keyhole?

Chloe: Well if it's locked, then it's obviously gonna have a keyhole.

Georgie: Not always. Do toilet stalls have keyholes?

Chloe: ...

Georgie: Thought so. Now look in the keyhole. 

Chloe: But it's dirty!

Georgie: I don't give a crap. Look inside!

Chloe: Fine.

Georgie: Anyone inside?

Chloe: Yeah! It's Adam, but he's talking to himself. I don't know what language it is, because it isn't English or any language I know.

Georgie: Well you're only fluent in English and French, aren't you? Is it Indian, because he's from there.

Chloe: Idk what Indian sounds like!

Georgie: Put your phone on that speech text mode, and get the microphone to go as high as possible, and let his voice go into it. I might be able to decipher it.

Chloe: Oh yeah, I forgot that you're a language genius.

Georgie: ',:)

Chloe: Vos. Relinquam. Ipsi scitis. Periculum. Nos stulti. Curre. Celer. In dolore. Ergo multo dolore apud me. Tu? Stultum. Ipsum stultum.  

Georgie: Wait... is that Latin?

Chloe: Idk. 

Georgie: I'm not great with Latin so I'll use Google Translate. I have a bit of data left.

Chloe: What does it mean?

Georgie: 'You. Leave. They know. Danger. We fools. Run. Fast. Pain you in. Much pain I am in. You? Foolish. Very foolish.'

Chloe: Wait... that's the translation?!

Georgie: Yep. Is he saying anything else?

Chloe: Nope. He's just repeating the same thing... 'Evadere.'

Georgie: It has two different meanings when you put punctuation at the end. 'Evadere' means 'Escape' and 'Evadere.' means 'Will Survive.' 

Chloe: I hope we survive. 

Georgie: Well we need to find the key and help him out.

Chloe: But he doesn't want helping...?

Georgie: Idc. We're saving all seven of them.

Chloe: I'll leave him alone. How does he know Latin?!

Georgie: Probably been brainwashed. Anyway, it's broken Latin. 

Chloe: OK...

Georgie: I hear voices coming from a room ahead!

Chloe: Cool! 



Georgie: Nope... and they're speaking a different language too. But this is Elsie. 

Chloe: What language is it?

Georgie: No clue. 

Chloe: Strange. 

Georgie: 'Natatakot. Tumulong ang isang tao. susi? Sa batang lalaki. Buksan ang bawat pinto. Nasa panganib ka.'

Chloe: Isn't that the language Clara speaks?

Georgie: Now how the hell do you know that?

Chloe: Because I recognise Natatakot. She had a sleepover at mine once and we watched a horror movie and she forgot that she was with me and began speaking Filipino. She kept repeating that. Doesn't it mean Scared?

Georgie: You are a genius. 

Chloe: Heh thanks

Georgie: 'Scared. Someone help. key? With boy. Key open every door. You're in danger.'

Chloe: Is that the translation?

Georgie: Yep. 

Sorry for this part taking a while. The plan was to type up the rest of the story in this chapter, but I've already reached about 2000 words and we haven't even finished, so I'm cutting it up. The next chapter will be out straight after this, but until I've completed this, there might not be another chapter for a couple days or something. Hope you understand...

Georgie x

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