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Real author's note: So, I guess some authors eventually get the point to edit the story. Their grammar and spelling both suddenly get amazing, and you can tell an editor helped them. Here's that one chapter that's perfect.

It was going to be fun except for the fact that I might be dead by that date. The alien goddess kept telling me I only had a little bit of time left to finish my mission, and that if it wasn't done, I would be in huge trouble. Staring down at the concrete path that lay in front of me I thought to myself, "what have I done to deserve this?" I hadn't really done anything to deserve this seemingly impossible task. I had been a great person all of my life, from getting good grades in school, to being nice to every person I ever met, and just being accepting of people. I twirled my black hair out of nervousness. My palms were sweaty, making my hair a bit more oily than usual.

"I've so got to take a shower when I get home," I said only above a whisper to myself. So I teleported home, hoping no bystander had seen my teleportation device. It was hidden inside of this silver ring I wore everyday. It had a beautiful sapphire right in the middle, which was also my access to all the things I could possibly need. I went in to my room and picked out some pajamas to wear after my shower. Laying my gray sweatpants and red t-shirt on the black fuzzy bath mat, I began to undress. I threw my clothes against a corner of the light blue walls and stepped from the dingy tiles in to the recently cleaned shower. It felt so refreshing as the warm water covered my body. I just let my mind wander for the next few minutes. I thought about Corrina and Jacob the most though. I guess true love never dies. I stepped out from behind the sea foam green shower curtain back on to the mat. I grabbed a slightly worn out off-white towel and began to dry myself off. As I put on my underwear and shorts, I had the towel wrapped around my tangly black mess of hair to keep it off of my pale face and back. I unwrapped the towel and put on my red t-shirt.

"Much better," I said while looking in the smudged mirror right above the sink.

I went back to my small room to go find a pair of black fuzzy socks. I opened the top right drawer in my white dresser and procured a pair of fuzzy socks. I promptly put them on. They felt good on my feet, almost like I was walking on the clouds. I sat down on my soft bed covered with red and black plaid bedsheets with my television remote in my hand. I turned on the television I had gotten as a Christmas gift years ago and began to flip through a few channels. After looking through some sports channels, reality T.V. shows, and a few advertising stations, I settled on TeenNick. It was still reality T.V. I guess you could say, but much better than something like Jersey Shore. During a few of the commercials I called up Corrina again on my black Android phone.

"Hey what's up?"

"Not much," She responded in a monotone voice.

"Same here. I'm just watching a few re-runs of old shows."

"Sounds kind of boring."

"Ehh, some episodes are kind of funny. Most aren't though," I replied quite truthfully.

"Well, I'm gonna go make some food. Talk to you later!"

"Bye," I said while hanging up the phone.

After about half an hour I decided to go make some ramen noodles.

"Okay so put them in the microwave for three minutes with water in the bowl," I confirmed.

I went to our dark brown wooden cabinets and grabbed a slightly scratched orange plastic bowl. I put ramen noodles and water in it and put it in our microwave, which needed to be cleaned again. Whilst waiting, I grabbed a Mountain dew out of our silver stainless steel refridgerator. I popped open the tab at the top and began to sip a bit of it. 

Beep! Beep!

"And they're ready," I exclaimed in joy.

I mixed in the seasoning then decided to head back to my room when I saw...

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