You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Chapter 14

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I woke up with a start looking around noticing that the room I was in was no longer the hotel room. "Where am I?"

"Home." said a voice as the man from last night walked towards me with his arms crossed over his chest. He was wearing the same thing he wore he had before.

"Who are you? Where is Shane?" I asked trying to get away from him only to wince in pain from my shoulder.

"It hasn't healed yet so take it easy. My name is Onno. He is fine and in the hotel"


"On-no" he repeated, "yes I know weird name blah blah blah." He said sighing.

I tried to not laugh at his reactions. "Why am I here, Onno?"

"Don't wear out my name cause it sounds weird. You are very valueable." 

"I am not a piece of property!"

"Unless it is the very scientist who created you that wants to see you, then you are."

That sent a chill down my spine, "what do you mean? Like..."

"If he wants to see you it is our job to find you. That is how it works." Onno said looking at me with a tired look.

"How come you can see my face and apperal but I can't see you?" I asked looking at his white digital looking glasses that didn't allow you to see past.

"You choose your outfit and I choose mine." He said sitting on the bed.

"I choose who sits on my bubble and who doesn't!" I said pushing Onno off the bed.

Onno looked at me like I was crazy. "You are a strange girl."

"You just realize this? If you hang around this scientist then you should already know this!" I said raising an eyebrow.

As if on que the door opened to reveal a man in a the same hooded coat that was buttoned up all the way down until the waist showing white pants and boots. Everything they wore was white and the only color that wasn't white that was on their clothing was the red circle with an arrow pointing down from it and a bar through the arrow. The design was something I have never seen but it sent chills down my spine just seeing it. He had whitish hair that hung over his right shoulder in a pony tail and unlike the Onno he didn't wear glasses. His eyes were exotic but welcoming, they were like a light violet.

"Hello Carlynda. How are you?" The man asked me making me edgy and look at Onno who's once friendly apperance he had a second ago turn to an edgy and guard apperance.

"Um..who are you?"

"I am Dr. Newben. It has been a long time since we last met and must I say I am very glad you lived this long."

"Sorry that I don't feel the same towards you." I said putting my feet on the cold carpeted floor.

"Well. I must check up on you and see how you are doing. So please come." He gestured to the door.

I didn't know what to do I mean do I go or do I stay? 'Two to one but if I get mad enough I could take them both right?' Then I rememered last night where Onno kicked my ass. So I got up and followed Newben down the hallways. "Your not gonna like stove stuff into me again are you?" I asked nervously as we got to a room that said 1-69, those were the same numbers of my hospital room when I was born.

"No. I just want to check your health. Trust me I am in no hurry to inject anything into your blood."

I sat on the big chair in the middle of the room. It looked like a normal doctor room. "So what is going to happen?"

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