Chapter 19: Purple

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You grab Jungkook's hand and squeeze it as tight as it you possibly could as the two of you walk down the dark halls, refusing to look back at Jimin as the two of you leave him to look down at the floor as he decorates it with his own tears

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You grab Jungkook's hand and squeeze it as tight as it you possibly could as the two of you walk down the dark halls, refusing to look back at Jimin as the two of you leave him to look down at the floor as he decorates it with his own tears. Jungkook looks down at you and sighs before looking down at the floor, and even when he turns his head away from you, you can still see the sympathy glistening in his deep, doe eyes. It's something you've taken the time to capture, even though you've only been given so much time to do so, because he's not very fond of making direct eye contact. All of the times Jungkook has looked you straight in your eyes, his gaze won't last, no matter how long his effect on you lingers.

As you tighten your desperate grip on his hand even more, he finally decides to look back up at you, and as his mouth gapes open, as if he were to say something, his eyes trail off into the dark walls of the dead room. As you look up into his deep eyes, you feel his hand flex in your tight grasp, so you finally decide to let go and clear your throat.

"Sorry," is all you murmur to Jungkook as you nervously crack your knuckles and purse your lips, but you seem to never take your eyes off of him, and he doesn't fail to notice. In fact, he finally looks back down at you and smirks.

"Alright," he begins, "I know I'm gorgeous, but you really need to-" he's interrupted by your deep glare that greatly penetrates his soul, so he gulps. It's a gulp that's barely audible, yet no matter how silent it was, it was also so... loud. It's a gulp that constantly replays in your head because of how it had sounded.

You put the pieces together and gasp to yourself as you allow a smirk to grace your features.

Did you just intimidate Jeon Jungkook?

Yes, you did, so you bathe in your pride and soak all of it up with that dark smirk curving your lips up and pretty soon, it turns into a light grin. Then into a smile. You look back up at Jungkook only to finally realize that he's been looking at you this whole time.

And when you look him in the eyes, he doesn't trail his very own away like he usually does... he just stares, and that results in you smiling even more.

"What's wrong, Jungkook?" You ask, and the corner of your lips fall back down to a smirk. "Are you scared of me? Song Y/N??"

"Please," he scoffs, "like I would be scared of you. In fact," he adds before emphasizing his height compared to yours by taking a step too close into your bubble and looking down at you, "I should be asking you that question. So, Song Y/N, are you scared of me? Jeon Jungkook?" He asks, making sure to mock your tone when you had said your own name, and his gaze darkens and deepens as he questions.

The answer to that question??

Hell yeah you are, but you choose to hide that fact as you straighten your posture and clear your throat. "W-what a silly question..!" You awkwardly chuckle, mentally shaming yourself.

God damnit, Y/N, you stuttered.

"I would have believed you if you hadn't stuttered," Jungkook sighs as he bends down to level his face with yours. He lets his perfect features grace a lovely, yet arrogant smirk as he looks you deep in your eyes, and you respond with an even darker grin as you blow some hair out of your face and scoff. "Do you not trust me?" You scoff and Jungkook only leans in as a result of your sass and reflects your sly grin onto his face. "Oh no, I do," he grins, "It's just that you're a terrible liar."

Well, gee thanks.

"Shut up," you whine as you slap his shoulder. "I'm not scared of you," You murmur before squinting your eyes and flexing the muscles in your hands. Jungkook just stares at you, almost dumbfounded.

"Are you trying to change again?" He asks. "That is something you should never do in battle. You look like a fool. Just do it naturally, you know?? Go with the flow ." He lets his hands slither in the air as if it were a snake as he extends his last word. "Try that again, Y/N. If you need to keep your eyes closed, don't squeeze them at the very least, and don't you dare flex any muscles in your body. Relax," his chuckle is light and airy; it's also the reason why you were able to relax to make another attempt to switch forms.

You let your eyelids rest as you stop walking, and you take a moment to dramatically inhale before your interest piques at the ethereal noise gently whispering into your ears.

Huh. Strange.

You sigh, slouch, and drop your head down to the floor before looking up. "I can't do it, Jungkook," you breathe as you look up at his...

Dropped jaw...?

"Y/N, you did it...?!" Jungkook marvels at your purple eyes before he lifts a lock of your hair up to show you your purple highlights that you didn't even know you had. "I guess so," you grin, "is that the weird noise that I heard when I did that?"

"What weird noise?" Jungkook questions and the sudden change of tone and the thickening of the air sends chills down your spine.

"You know," you nervously chuckle, "the jingling sound that you're supposed to hear when you change..? Am I right?"

Jungkook breathes out as he looks you deep in your purple eyes, making sure that you understand the seriousness of the situation you were in as he did so. He grabs both of your arms and examines your whole face as if treasure was hidden on your face, then he draws his hands down the length of your arms and gulps.

"No, Y/N, you're not."

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