Captured Confusion

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Ignored because my frustration wasn't yours and you couldn't understand what the consequential withdrawal was.
From your perspective it was just wheels kissing pavement until they ran out of direction. Empathy is vital to living my dear, but you are happy just existing.
Floating hot air balloons anchored to the ground.
Unable to climb to my eyes to peek through my keyhole and examine my world.
You can't see that from where I was standing you were crying at the door --
Begging me to cut the ties so freedom could wrap its arms around you.
Connections I didn't place are my responsibility to sever,
but any threat to you blocked by me even if it means my wrist will bleed to save your smile.
And I'm running out of blood --
what I mean is time --
what I mean is poise --
to idle myself in your atmosphere.
I just can't breathe here.


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