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Name : serena friel
Age : 16 - 17 on April 28th
Gender : female
Sexuality: bisexual
Favourite colour : blue
Favourite food : chicken nuggets or pasta
Role : Little
Little age : 1-4
What I like : sweets! / Juice /my stuffies / my blankys / cuddles / watching movies / being babied / chicken nuggets / pasta / FaceTiming / pets
What I dislike: bananas / pears / kiwi / raspberry's (all fruits apart from apples grapes strawberries oranges) / vegetables / cinnamon / spicy food / being woke up

What I'm looking for: I am looking for a mommy / daddy / both who is loving/caring and is strict but not to strict who likes to cuddle in watch tv & play video games who also like to call all the time cuz I feel lonely and I can get very jealous n clingy. Someone who replies and doesn't ignore me for hours n has rules as I can be a brat 
Preferably someone within          (16 - 19 )

You can text me here or on
Kik: farrah_dolan

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