Chapter 24: Hunted

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Log #12: Biology

One well-known monster that is almost as common as the Silverwolf is known as an Onikuma. An Onikuma, at a glance, resembles an oversized black bear with a slightly elongated muzzle. Unlike your average black bear, Onikuma apply the name literally, as the entire creature is covered with black fur, including the muzzle. However, that isn't to say the Shade is entirely black; its belly is reinforced with exoskeletal white ribs, and patternless white spots dot the creature like some perverse ladybug. Blood-red irises glare through any target the Onikuma may come across, and with its obsidian-black claws that can retract and extend about five decimeters from its base, any target who wanders into its line of sight is in for an unpleasant encounter.

-General Shura Averin

499 BPE

A muffled, noisy buzzing snapped me out of my drowsiness, and I sat up immediately. Straightening out my leather jacket, I picked up the source of the obnoxious noise, and hit ANSWER. After a bit of static, a woman's voice crackled through.

"Hey, kid- you there?"

I couldn't help rolling my eyes at the stupid question. "Nope, nobody here but a turtle. What do you want now?"

She sounded amused, as always. "Hmm. Well, I'd love it if the turtle could remember what his mission was. Or fall off a cliff and make a wonderful crunching sound."

"So it's ready then?"

"Just about. Now all ya need to do is watch her back. Can ya do that much for me, little turtle?"

"No, but I can do that much for Dad. Bye." I clicked END before she could talk back.

Honestly, it seemed as if everyone in the world was trying to be a pain tonight.


If somebody were present atop this cliff, and asked me to recollect how many moments of the past had gathered in this exact position, no answer under the sun would quite satisfy me as correct. The reflective moon had resumed its empty voyage throughout the blank, blue sheet around it, watching over us like a guardian angel. The twinkling trees swayed with the gentle wind, caressing the once tense atmosphere atop the cliff. The boy in my lap never stirred, not to the beauty, not to the wind, and not even to my own stirring. He simply laid there, undisturbed, unnoticing.

When he was like this, he was at his most beautiful. It was impossible to see the same, furious boy I had spoken to this same night.

However, even though the universe had forgiven the transgressions of this boy, Chorus would not. Eyes of hatred and red fury watched from the forest behind me, waiting for the perfect moment of revenge. Revenge against the boy, whose hatred had plagued the entire journey. The bushes rustled dangerously, as more and more onlookers appeared. It seemed that waiting peacefully would not protect us any longer.

I had never been so careful in my life as I laid Kazu's sleeping figure on the smooth stone next to me. Once he was safe and secure, I turned towards my assassins, and drew Shining Tempest with one, swift move. The moment I did, the first Shade emerged from the vegetation.


Two large bear-like paws slashed at me from either side, aiming directly for my head. I swiped at the left paw with my baton, and used the force of the blow to knock myself out of the trajectory of the other paw. The Onikuma on my left roared furiously, unharmed by my attack, while the right Onikuma charged forward, jaws wide. I gritted my teeth, and leapt up at the black beast, baton raised high in the air. A switch pulled, and a heavy bullet shot out from the bottom of my baton, rocketing me up and over my assailant. I rolled on my shoulder to absorb the impact as I hit the ground behind it, and immediately aimed my baton at the back of the Onikuma. Three large bullets shot out, piercing through the Shade's fur and flesh with ease. It crashed to the ground.

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