Chapter 2: A guide through the night.

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I held it in my hands. The weapon consisted of a long silver steel pole that curved gently to be held effectively and an extremely long bronze colored blade with dark green markings that resembled teeth following the bottom all the way until the point. The blade was connected to the pole using a bronze cube shaped item that held them both tightly with over-sized screws. I swung it once horizontally, and without realizing it's swinging pattern, almost hit my left leg. I swung it again expecting different results. This time I hit the stone floor and made a loud scraping noise as the rusty blade made it's way through the rocky floor. The emotionless moans and light screams became louder reacting to the ruckus I was causing. I decided to be more quiet from then on and maybe those monsters would lose interest and go away.

I swung it a few more times trying to get used to the way it sliced through the wind and the way it wavered if my hands weren't steady. I began to understand how it was meant to be used, quickly, low and in a perfectly straight slice.

I knew that this tactic wouldn't help me long, especially if these monsters meant to do me harm. I swung it downwards from my shoulders, the weight seemed to carry deep into the rock a few inches. It was deep enough that pulling it back out shot me towards the wooden wall and causing another reaction from the mob outside. The steel door began to swing inward and outward like they were pushing it. There was obviously a great number of them.

"Damn it."

I said softly to myself as I failed to keep quiet.

"Tell me about it..."

A voice from inside the shed, it sounded like that of a woman. It continued as I looked all over the shed for it's source location.

"If you want to keep a low profile you gotta put that thing down."

I gripped the steel tighter, her presence filled me with fear. She sounded like she had good intentions. Either that or she was trying to get me to put down my only form of defence. 

"Where are you hiding?"

I shouted, maybe a little louder then I should have as the moaning outside became very loud and one of the monsters charged into the steel door, nearly denting it. My attention turned to the dent in the door. It was round and rather centered, but far too low to be a human unless he bent over and charged in head first. My intuition told me that it was made by an animal.

I was tense, confused, and very afraid. I backed up slowly to the wooden wall next to the cabinet that held the scythe. It made me less vulnerable from behind and from the side. I rested my posture as I searched the room for the women.


I heard a board move around the ceiling, and of course, there stood a young women on the supporting beam by the roof. She jumped down and I quickly lifted the scythe upwards to guard myself. She landed like a pro and bent her knees at just the right moment. I kept myself from swinging at her, or maybe I was just too scared to defend myself?

"Don't be afraid, I'm an ally."

She said in a comforting voice as she raised to an upright position. She was around 5.5 feet tall, a little shorter then I was. Her hair was held up in two pigtails using black scrunchies that complimented her midnight black hair. Her outfit consisted of: a dark blue sleeveless top that showed off far too much tummy, a pair of sweat pants that matched her shirt, a pair of dark shoes with a bright blue design and an overly large black belt that seemed out of place. She also had a heart tattoo on her left arm that stood out compared to her dark attire. 

"And I haven't become a monster like those things outside."

She crossed her arms, adding attitude to her statement. I trusted her, for the moment. I let my guard down and rested the scythe upon the wall, while still holding onto the bar with one hand.

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