Chapter 24

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Yesterday morning, all the servants were summoned. It was a big deal because along with Uncle Dietrich and Lady Dietrich, Master was also present.

Alvena and Nero are missing.

Orders are to bring them back to the castle at all costs. Any disruptors or obstacles will be eliminated if necessary. Anyone found to be conspiring with the "kidnapping" of the Pureblood will be subject to punishment. The matter shall stay within the household so anyone who leaks the news out will also receive retribution.

After that, the entire Dietrich household went about a hunt for the mother and son.

Master questioned me first of course. I told him the truth—everything I saw the other day. He was very upset with me and is still upset. However, at the time of their departure from the castle, I was serving Lady Dietrich and thus, excused from too harsh of a punishment.

So now, everyone is desperately looking. And I, with all my heart, hoped that I wouldn't find them. I hoped that if they were to be taken back, it wouldn't have to be me.

But alas, right in front of me I see my madam holding the hand of her Pureblood child, getting into a carriage to leave Argid. It was a wild guess on my end that they'd be in an alley.

"Alvena, you can't take Nero," I call from the back, taking my time to approach them.

Mistress panics as she picks up her dress to walk a little faster. "Evie, please. Let us leave."

"Master gave orders to everyone to find you," I say neutrally. "Uncle Dietrich demanded that we capture you and 'save' Nero," I add on another note. "They say you are kidnapping the Pureblood."

Alvena urges Nero to step in the carriage first, in which the latter abides. She then approaches me and holds my hand in hers.

"Evie. Nero is my son. How can this be kidnapping?" she asks, tears running from her eyes.

"You can't run away. They'll find you." I didn't want to be so blunt. Lucien says that I might appear insensitive sometimes. But urgent situations are best handled this way in my opinion.

"You're right," Alvena agrees sadly before taking my hands into hers. "Unless you help us."

I look into her eyes, trying my best to discern how much of that statement was a joke. Unfortunately, no signs implicated that.

"I can't. Orders are to capture you and retrieve the Pureblood."

Alvena is about to cry again, but Nero gets out of the carriage and appears by his mother's side in mere seconds. His presence gives Mistress the courage to stand up taller and look me in the eye.

"How do you think we got so far without being noticed?" Mistress doesn't wait for my answer. "If you insist on stopping us," she pauses to hold Nero's shoulders before finishing, "we will have to do to you what we did to the others."

I look at the young boy in front of me. I don't doubt what he can do to me, but I'm still obligated to give an explanation when I get back to the castle.

Seeing me hesitate and taking my silence as an answer, Alvena sadly trails back into the carriage, leaving the Pureblood with me.

Even though he's only half my height, he diffuses an aura of authority that surpasses that of his superiors. Anyone can tell that this child is no ordinary vampire noble. Thus, I'm very curious how he managed to slip past so many people in broad daylight for more than an entire day.

"Mother and I hate to have to do this, but since I'm fond of you Evelyn, I'll give you the option to choose," Nero states sadly. "Would you...prefer to have your mind erased or your memories manipulated?"

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