Very Sick Harry! Part II (The Silent Treatment)

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A/N: I am graduating on April 4th! yayyyyy! I'll gonna miss high school so much and here comes the college. :D xxx

(story continues below) 


"I have something to admit" Niall said 

The 3 boys looked at Niall wanting him to go on

"It's not Harry who broke the vase, it was me. I was playing football with Louis and he threw the ball to me and I didn't catch it, it flew through the windows and broke the vase" Niall stated and the rest of the lads nodded 

"We should apologize to Harry then when he woke up" Liam said and they nod 

They looked at Harry who was laying in the hospital bed having a high fever and without any minute he started to move. 

"Harry baby are you feeling well?" Zayn was first to rush into  Harry's side but Harry only stared at Zayn and the rest of the others 

"Are you hungry little peach?" Louis cooed but Harry remains silent, Louis sighed. 

"We bough your favorite toy, Squishy!" Liam pulls out a squishy teddy bear that Harry cuddles with always, Harry reached his arms to the teddy bear and Liam gives it to him 

After Liam gave the teddy to Harry he immediately lay to his hospital bed and tries to sleep. 

"I think he's giving us a silent treatment" Niall said looking at Harry who was already sleeping 

"yeah, we should let him rest for now. We could ask the doctor when he will be released" Liam said checking his watch "It's getting pretty late tho and.." he yawns "I'm getting tired" 

"Yeah same" Louis mumbles "who will keep an eye to harry?" He asked 

"me" Niall said and smiled 

"alright Ni. We'll see ya tomorrow" Zayn said and he nod 

"yeah alright see ya too" Niall smiled. 

Niall spent his night at the hospital with Harry by feeding him and changing his nappy, and watching some movies with him but there is one thing is missing, his talking voice, Harry is very upset with his brothers, they didn't let him explain how things were going on around him, they even spank him without any reasons! and most of all they didn't notice his sickness that took over him. 

"Good night Hazza. hope you'll feel better" Niall kissed his forehead and sleep on the couch. 



CHAPTER 3 WILL BE POSTED TOMORROW. OR THE OTHER DAY.  (family conflict is on the house so I'm sorry) 

Hope you enjoy this chapter! xoxo

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