Chapter 31

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Nikki, Juana and I stood out on Brian's yard. Nikki stood close to me and Juana stood a couple feet away. I looked up at the door as Nikki stared over at Juana who was nervously standing by herself. "Maybe, we should take her with us." Nikki said. 

"I dont know, theres things I don't want to have to deal with, and if we take her I will have to deal with it." I said.

"Like what?" She said. "Why can't we take her?" Nikki continued. I stood there silently, refusing to answer her question. She then stared up at me for a moment and then asked again. "Why can't we take her Junior?" She said. 

"Because I don't want to, is that what you wanted me to say, I don't want the bitch around me, there!" I shouted and then began to walk away. I didn't mean to yell at Nikki out of all people, I was just I bit tempered after what happened with Brian and not knowing what type of punishment they are giving one of my only friends. Nikki stayed where she was and stared me down as I walked away. I looked back to see that Nikki wasn't following me. She was now talking to Juana. I didn't care, I kept walking. I needed to clear my head. Sure I wish I could just tell Nikki what was going on. I want to tell her about the situation with Juana but I just got our relationship back up and I would hate to ruin it so soon. Sure I wasn't dating Nikki at the time but it doesn't make it any better for the fact Juana was in a relationship with Brian. I waked to Nikki's house. I went to walk inside her house but hesitated to. I then changed my mind and just kept walking. 

With every step gave a quick sharp pain throughout my torso. It was bearable but I wish this stupid ass injury would just go away. If only that was possible. I got to thinking about Brian. Sure he was young and dumb but you know he knew he was in the wrong when he laid his hands on Juana. Sure Juana's a cheating bitch, he's right about that but that doesn't make it any righter for him to hit her. It made me think when I hit Juana. Yet I didn't do it intentionally, he does. I never thought Brian, the sweet person he is would do something so horrible. I don't know maybe he deserves everything Big Tyron is doing to him in that house right now. I just hope this doesn't affect our relationship in anyway. As selfish as this sounds, I only need him around until this heist is done and over with. After that I'm laying low for awhile. Big Tyron can go suck a dick if he thinks I'm doing anymore jobs for awhile after this. Sure Big Tyron started out as some threat to me, but these past couple weeks, he's been acting nice with me. 

Sure I have no problem with that but its not like him. At least for what I know, thats not him. It make me nervous. What if he's tying to get me to do something for him, which doesn't make any since for which if he wanted to make me do something he would just, make me do it. I don't know but I'm going to be careful around him for now on. I found myself walking pretty far. I got lost in thought that I must of not realized just how far I've walked out. I was just under the overpass that pretty much separates the city from the "Hood" part of los Santos. I stood under it, deciding if I should keep walking or turn back and start heading back. It was only early afternoon so even if I kept walking I would still have time to explore the city some more and make it back to Nikki's before nightfall but at the same time I was curious on what she was doing right now. She could be mad at me for walking off or she could be doing fine. Either way I was very tempted to go back home. I stood there and placed my hands inside my pocket and leaned against the concrete wall under the overpass. 

Cars zoomed by in front of me as I could hear cars above me driving too. People walked past me as I stood there not thinking on which to explore the city or go back home, but thinking about other things. I thought about my mother and my stepdad. I wondered how they could be doing right now. It has been a good month since I've talked to them. I pulled out my phone and dialed their number. It rang and I stood there patiently, almost nervous to talk to them. The phone picked up and I could hear my mothers voice already. "Junior? Junior is that you?" She said happily on the other end. 

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