40) 'Make Music Together' and Other Advice That Was Given By Literally No One...

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A/N: If you happen to read this after the 1st of April: this was obviously a prank.

Seriously, I'm getting so sick of people not reading author's notes and then leaving comments like "you ruined the story". This was a joke. If you don't think it's funny (which I find hard to believe since you're reading a book that is a huge joke in itself) just skip it and go on to chapter 41, where the story continues as usual.

40) 'Make Music Together' and Other Advice That Was Given By Literally No One At All And Doesn't Really Work That Well If It Ends In Other Curricular Activities

Thijmen and Ben were playing the piano together. The theme tune of Skyrim. Benjamin couldn't play piano, from what I knew, but I guess you learned new things about people every day. He, too, wore the signature iron helmet. Thijmen had to move away and dodge one of the horns lest it gouge his eye out.

Once they were done, Thijmen said, "No please get that thing away from me."

Benjamin clung to it stubbornly. It had been raining cats and dogs the whole day, I wish literally, but life wasn't that easy. "You can wear the Sephiroth wig," he offered.


"If you didn't exist, I would've probably discovered I'm gay because of Sephiroth."

"This isn't The Golden Feather (A/N: go read it if you haven't :3). I'm not dressing like your fictional crush."

Benjamin looked sullen. As I said before, life wasn't that easy. "I would dress for you," he mumbled. Absentmindedly, Thijmen began playing again, a simple, made-up tune matching the downpour outside.

He said, "Well."


"What if my fictional crush is a girl?"

This took him aback. Benjamin's reactions were like watching an overacted Mexican drama, like the ones Verónica forced me to watch before mom became an anti-maids activist. She kind of reminded me of Messiah sometimes. Unlike the Mexican drama protagonists, though, Benjamin didn't do anything aside from staring. He couldn't just counter his earlier words, could he? Slowly, he said, "I guess so."

"Remember Riverdale?"

"Not Cheryl."

"No. Veronica."

Speak of the devil. Not to say I spent my time on mortal affairs like shitty Netflix shows, but this turn of events wasn't unwelcome anyway. It took a while for it to click, but when it did, Benjamin nodded, frowning (this was his I'm Not Going To Lose Again Dammit face). "I'll do it."

This time around, it was Thijmen who looked surprised. "I was kiddi—"

"You dress as Sephiroth."


Benjamin hopped off the piano chair thing and headed—no, marched—towards his parents' room, whereupon he spent the following half an hour doing heaven knew what. I couldn't walk in and check, all right? There was no point to stalking if they'd catch me.

And then, by the time Thijmen had stuffed himself with whatever poor item had been left in the fridge, Benjamin walked back out. Dressed as Veronica from Riverdale.

Not Verónica, sadly.

Thijmen happened to be drinking coffee. He spit it. Haha classic comedy.

"Now you," bossed Benjamin, "Sephiroth."

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