Slave- Whamilton/Jamilton/Lams/Hamlaf/Hamilgan

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This is NOT supposed to make fun of; Skin Color, or Slavery! I know Lin has lighter skin than Daveed, Oak, and Christopher's but it works for this chapter. Love you! ~Alex

Third Person 

     Alexander was pushed into the house, being held by his arm tightly as his old master talked to the five men that wanted the small, dirty boy. "How much will ya pay?" Reynolds sneered, Alexander trembles violently, missing the sympathetic looks the two shortest boys threw him. "A thousand?" The tallest, a bald man with broad shoulders, man asked, smirking at the surprise on Reynolds' face. Alex himself was shocked, why would he pay so much? He was just a slave, Reynolds would've gone for two hundred! "Sold!" Reynolds said cheerfully, a little to cheerful to be getting rid of Alexander.

     The men smiled, genuinely smiled, like they were happy about Alexander becoming a slave to them, making him tremble a bit more. "Great! Nice doin' business-" One of the men was cut off, "Wait here, I gotta get his things." Reynolds said happily. See Alexander was a sex slave and a working slave, used for sex and cleaning the house, and oh how much he hated- no loathed the things Reynolds had for him. The men nodded, and Reynolds left but quickly returned, "Here! Nice doin business with ya!" Reynolds smirked and left without another word, the men looked in the bow, disgusted to see collars, dildos, etc. 

     The two tallest went outside, and the three left went over to the boy, who flinched when touched, "..Were not going to, hurt you..." The shortest whispered. The others nodded, "I'm Hercules, this is John and Lafayette." The middle sized one said quietly, smiling when Alexander nodded. 


     The five men were George, Thomas, Lafayette, Hercules, and John, who didn't allow Alexnader to clean much, who was very upset by this. He didn't like cleaning, but it was his job and he was supposed to be punished when not cleaning and he felt that they were gonna hurt him badly when he got comfortable, too comfortable. 

     One day it was to much;

     Alexander sat in his assigned bedroom, he didn't have a reason to burst into tears, not really. He curled into himself, rubbing his shins up and down to try to calm down. His sobs were loud, loud enough to be heard by his 'masters' and they rushed upstairs, making him cry more. 

     "Darlin'! What's wrong?" A voice, who Alexander recognized as Thomas, cried, he could feel them all sit down around him. "..I-I just-.. you g-guys! I-I'm a s-sl-slave!" Alexander cried out, the five men sat in shock, they hadn't really realized this lately, Alexnader always smiled and they kinda forgot about that factor. 

     They hugged him, whispering softly that he wasn't just a slave to them, making his cries die down considerably. They smiled when they heard soft snores, George picked up the hoodie covered boy, rubbing his head and layed him down on his bed. The four other men walked over, already in pajamas, and layed down next to him, cuddling into him as he snuggled into his pillow. George, who was laying down as well, quickly got up and turned the light off, then layed back down, slowly falling asleep along with the others. 

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