Chapter 20

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I woke up with my arms wrapped around perrie. I kissed her cheek and grabbed my phone checking my messages. She started stirring,"good morning princess" I said. "Good morning babe" she said. She grabbed her phone and I cuddled back up with her not realizing she was making a video for her Instagram story. I kissed her cheek and moved to her neck, she laughed and stopped looking at the video and putting it up on her story. I moved her body so she was laying on top of me and I wrapped my arms around her. "God I love you so damn much" "I love you to" she said blushing. "What are you gonna do today?" She asked. "Well I'm going to practice again as I'm still not fully recovered" I said. "I'm going to record with jade" perrie said. "For the new album?" "Mm" she nodded. "Let's see if you can topic glory days" I said. "Let's hope so" she laughed and we got up.

I just got out of practice and It's going really good, I went on instagram seeing a picture from a Fan account. Perrie and jade were with a fan, but perrie was wearing a Liverpool shirt. It made me smile knowing she's so supportive.

I went home and noticed perrie wasn't home yet. I felt a bit down today and I have no idea why. I went downstairs to the workout room. After I was done I heard the front door open and close again. I walked upstairs. "Well hello sexy" perrie chuckled as she saw me without a shirt. "Hey" I said. "Are you alright?" She asked slightly worried. "I am just feeling a bit down today sorry" I said my back facing her, she walked up to me. "Oh well that's okay" I looked weird at her reaction. "What you thought that I would get mad cause you're a little down? No everyone has those kind of days" "thank you perrie" I said grabbing myself something to drink. she walked to me and hugged me from behind. I turned around and pulled her into a hug. I really needed that hug. "You're really not feeling okay are you?" She said as I sighted. She pulled out of the hug and felt my forehead. "You're pretty warm are you feeling not well?" She asked. "I'm just tired" I said as I walked away. She grabbed my hand and pulled me back. She gave me a big hug and kissed me. I kissed her back and pulled her closer. We stared kissing passionately and I moved her to the counter. I picked her up and put her on the counter, she giggled making me smile. I kisses her neck and she let out a moan. She etappes her legs around My waist.

After awhile She pulled away "you still tired or?" She asked. "Oh no,no,no it's okay" "you sure I mean we can stop" "oh no it's fine I'm not that tired anymore" I said. I kissed her again but she pulled away, "you sure? Cause you look kinda tired to me" she said and then it hit me. She was teasing me so hard now. She got off the counter and walked off. "Where you think you're going!" I asked. "Upstairs I need to change. And before I could say anything she was already upstairs.

She walked down after awhile, she wore a crop top and some shorts. She walked to the kitchen "do you want something to drink?" She asked. "No I'm fine thanks" I said. "Okay" she said smiling. I walked to the kitchen cause I was going to make dinner. She stood looking at her phone. I walked passed her pushing her slightly so that she would loose her balance a bit. I grabbed her bum preventing from her falling. "Oh I'm so sorry" I said. As I let go of her. I started making dinner and she stood next to me. "Can you grab a tomato for me please?" I asked. She opened the fridge and bended down. Her bum facing me. I chuckled, this means war. She gave me the tomato. "Here you go" "thank you" I said. I was done cooking and perrie set the table, she sat down. "Do you want to drink something?" I asked as I stood in the kitchen. "Mm i want a red whine please" She said. "Okay red whine it is" I grabbed two glasses and filled them with the whine. I walked to the table and walked to her side, I put her glass next to her plate. I bended over the table and put my glass next to my plate. As I got back up I brushed my lips against her neck, hearing her breath hitch as I did. I kissed her neck and got up and walked to my seat.

Perrie and I have been teasing each other and I got up and put my plate in the sink. She walked over to me with her plate and moved so she stood in front of me "excuse me" she said and she stood as close to me as possible. "Oh no problem" I said walking away. She looked kinda sad, I got our glasses and smacked her but. "Oh I'm sorry that wasn't my intention" she laughed. We finished cleaning the dining table. "Okay that's enough" she said throwing the towel on the counter. I looked at her and she rushed over to me. She kissed me passionately and I kissed her back. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist, I walked upstairs holding one of my hands on her bum and the other one on her back to support her. As we got upstairs she jumped off me and walked in the bedroom, she threw me on the bed and put the lights at the bed on. She climbed on top of me, and we kissed again. She pulled my shirt off and threw it on the ground, and yeah you know what happens.

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