Painkiller [Law x Reader]

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Here we go again.

The pain, the mood swings, the tiredness.

Like every month, your period made its appearance in the most dramatic way possible. Like, if it was a person, it would burst through the doors and throw confetti at you before round kicking you in the stomach.

Your crew mates had got used to you disappearing for a day or two in your bedroom and knew that you appreciated if they only disturbed you if it was strictly necessary. Even your captain, who had the empathy of an anchovy, let you be during those days of the month.

You let yourself fall face first onto your bed, only to regret it immediately when the pain traveled throughout your entire body.

"Son of a bitch." You mumbled as you hugged your stomach and moved to the only half comfortable position in your knowledge: the fetal position.

You tried to fall asleep, since a couple of hours of unconsciousness sounded much better than suffering in silence looking at the ceiling, but to no avail.


A knock on the door brought you back from your thoughts.

"(Y/N)-ya, are you okay?" His husky voice soon followed by another quiet knock on the door.

"No?" You half-asked. If that was fine, then hell would definitely be a party.

Silence filled the air. You raised your head and looked at the wooden barrier. Another time, he wouldn't have hesitated and would have opened the door, no matter in which state you were.

That's how he saw you naked once.

But he didn't come in that day. You frowned as you stood up and the universe stabbed you in the ovaries once again.

"Mother nature can go suck it." You groaned, taking small steps in the door's direction to open it.

Trafalgar D. Water Law stood there in all his glory. Well, all the glory of a surgeon who hadn't slept in the last 36 hours or so. By the delicious smell that reached your nostrils and the little water drops that fell from his hair, you assumed he had just showered.

Damn hormones. You thought while trying to make the image of your captain in the shower disappear from your mind.

"Bepo told me you hadn't eaten at all because of the pain. I brought you some pills I think could help." You let him in and closed the door behind you both, soon returning to the cocoon of bed sheets you had started calling home.

"Wow." That's all your captain had to say about it.

"Shut up. You don't know what I'm going through." If looks could kill...

He cleared his throat, probably uncomfortable with the whole period thing. He was a guy after all. Reaching into his back pocket, he took out a little plastic bag.

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