Pair of socks....

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If you're anything like me then you probably never have a pair of matching socks. It's like as soon as you buy them, one is eaten up by the ODD sock monster. Get it? Because it only takes one Okay, never mind,

Anyways when this happens we are left with a whole bunch of odd socks. And most of the time the quest to find a matching pair is a far too long and arduous task. So what choice is mankind left with, improvise of course. Just find one closest in size and colour. I mean we've all done it at some stage in our lives, and if you haven't, please do, the excitement is exhilarating. All the time you're thinking: will someone notice? Will they not?

We always hope for the latter but hey there was no choice, it was bound to happen, socks are a sticky situation.

This is kind of what happened to these two people. Grace Williamson and Aaron Smith. I mean they're on different steps of the ladder, they're not really meant to be. But I guess Faith got a bit lazy stuck em together and hoped nobody noticed. But people did notice a lot of people actually.

But that's fine cause all you really need to rock odd socks are; attitude, good sense of humor and a great pair of legs!! Which is bountiful in both of them, so they'll be fine.... or will they?

But hey don't blame me if someone pops up, takes a picture and uses you as a meme.......hehe ≧∇≦


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