Chapter Four - Sleep and Hot Showers

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Ava's P.O.V. 


"W-Whattt?" I laugh.

"I'm serious pancake."

"Okay, fine. But don't make me wear a s-stupid dress because I will k-kill you!"

He laughed so hard that he fell off the couch and landed on his arm.

"OWWWWW!" He screeched.

I almost died of laughter. I'm sure I snorted like fifty times.

Then I realized,

I freaking snorted.

I quickly covered my nose and was turning bright red from blushing.

"T-That's so cute." Evan smiled all cheeky.

"Hehe, yeah, I guess," I mumble. I was still embarrassed.

And completely drunk of course.

"I'll pick you up at eight pancake." He got up from the floor and bent over and kissed my forehead.

That's all I could remember.

And the next morning,

I got slaughtered by a hangover.


"Ugh, what the hell happened?" I groan.

I lean over slowly to check the clock.

12:56 P. M.

Oh no.

No freaking way.

I slept in.

"Welp, there goes school."

As someone with almost perfect attendance, showing up in the middle of the day is unexplainable. Yeah, yeah, I could just say I got sick and felt better but I honestly feel like crap. I may as well return tomorrow and say I was sick or something.

I certainly feel sick.

I try to think back to what happened last night. Then I remembered. I smiled while thinking about what happened. Then I gasped.

How the hell did I end up with a date?

And with Evan of all people!

I need to think this over.

I got up and trudged over to my bathroom, stumbling a few times.

I take a hot shower because HOT SHOWERS ARE AMAZING!

Then, I did what almost any sensible homo sapien would.

I jumped back into bed and went to sleep, because



Sorry for the short chapter, but i want to end it off right here.

Her date with EVANNNNNNN is almost here *does creepy face and creepy dance*

oooookaayyyy i'll admit i've had alot of apple juice while writing this chapter.


apple juice.


anyway, this author's note is gonna end before it gets any weirder.

Bye chocolates <3!



The next chapter will be out neext week Saturday, sorry for not updating! 

That's all for now.

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