Ch. 4 New guy

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I woke up in the floor with the comfort of a pillow to rest my head and a blanket to stay warm while Grimmjow slept soundly in my bed.

He's such a jerk, no manners or anything. Why did I see in him? I was fooled by his appearance, that bad boy attitude thinking I could change the monster what he has become into a sensitive guy? I was dead wrong about him. He was different from what I imagined.

Then I remember something,

"Holy crap. I'm going to be late"

I rush into the restroom and shove my toothbrush and squirted toothpaste in my mouth. I slip into a dress and some shoes and ran to my school.

Many things rush in my mind, though I sigh in relief when I arrive to my first class before the bell. When suddenly remember I left Grimmjow without someone's care. The things he would do right now if I wasn't there just came into a crystal clear image of destruction. My friend lay a hand on my shoulder asking,

"Are you OK (______)?"

I reply with a weak smile,

"Yeah. You know Mondays aren't my days"

My teacher, Mrs. Connor started to announce something about a new guy coming in today. My friends imagine how he would look like and hope he was hot. Mrs Conner then introduce him,

"Class welcome our new student from Japan, Syo"

When out the door came in Grimmjow, I felt my heart sank in fear not believing what's going on. Girls faces goes red, hearts got stolen, guys got jealous or hating among the loud whispers in the classroom.

"Go take a seat wherever you want?" Mrs Connor said.

Oh crap. He's walking in my direction. No no no no don't sit beside me. And that's exactly what he did, dammit. I could feel the tension and eyes of people as soon as Grimmjow said,

"Hey (_____) "

I felt my pocket vibrated, I took out my phone secretly and read my friends messages.

You know him?

Omg his so sexy!!!!

Wtf?! You so lucky

Are you and syo something?

My face was burningI was dying of embarrassment. Grimmjow made my day difficult, he began bothering me as we took notes in class over the lesson. I didn't notice until now that he was wearing my brother's clothes, I past out a note to him asking,

Where are your clothes?

his response was,

You never gave them to me.

To be honest I don't remember anything, was he naked the whole time yesterday. The image cross my mind and it almost gave me a nose bleed.

The bell rung and I launch out of my seat to the next classes, dodging Grimmjow in every way possible. After a few classes he pull me back by my hoodie then shove me against a locker and interrogate me,

"Why are you avoiding me? "

I reply "No I'm not"

As I try to escape from him I was frightened when his hand slam right beside my head with his arm blocking my exit. His face approach me really close, my heart thud hard. When someone from the staff blurt out,

"No PDA. Go to class"

A burn settle on my cheeks but become worse when he ask,

"What's PDA?"

There was no way avoid answering the question,

"It means Public display of affection"

He smirks and kiss my cheek out of nowhere I was blushing crazy, the staff member began to yell,

"I told y'all no PDA! Do you want to go to the front office?!"

We soon parted then headed to our next class which was P.E. but genders were split. We had to do some activities outdoors, so did the guys but the girls giggle when Grimmjow pass by jogging in the teach ahead of the guys. He then pour a icy cold water from a bottle into his face as it drape down on his white shirt. The damp shirt molded his hot body against the hot sun leaving many jaws dropping the floor.

All they were talking about was Grimmjow. I wonder how he'll manage through out the day.

to be continue.......

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